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B2W’s Top 20 Tips In 2020

  • December 23, 2020January 16, 2022

Goodbye 2020 2020 is almost over … and thank goodness for that! I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that for most of us, 2020 has been a terrible year on a personal level. Creating our writing against a backdrop of anxiety, grief, isolation, trauma and anger as well as practical concerns like day jobs, unemployment, homeschooling/ caring and much more has been a real struggle. That said, 2020 has been a steep learning curve for many of us too. B2W is no exception. I reassessed and re-evaluated my goals and strategies. I also learned new technology and methods… Read More »B2W’s Top 20 Tips In 2020

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Why Being An Expert At Structure Helps Your Writing

Why You Should Be A Structure Expert NEWSFLASH: you need to become a structure expert. I often say this, but writers resist this, saying that it wrecks their spontaneity … Or all structure is just a formula … Or they’re pantsers … WHATEVER. Fact is, these writers just don’t want to do the work. Yet the writers who DO the work will: Never get stuck in The Story Swamp  Make powerful connections with their target audiences by design Develop the tools, such as different plotting archetypes Never write repetitively Write FAST! What’s not to like? So if you want to… Read More »Why Being An Expert At Structure Helps Your Writing

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Most Popular Articles on B2W of All Time

Most-Hit On B2W I ran a round-up of the most popular articles on Bang2write during 2018 at Christmas last year. It was a fascinating list. There were a few surprises, but it was revealed the average Bang2writer is most likely a screenwriter (though the numbers of authors and freelance writers on the site is growing, year on year). Ultimately, the list showed Bang2writers are still most interested in script reading, submissions tips, screenplay format, good social media use, plot construction, characterisation and the first ten pages. Read that first list, HERE. With all this in mind, I decided to look at… Read More »Most Popular Articles on B2W of All Time

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How To Bypass the Gatekeepers: Screenwriter To Published Author

  • March 8, 2017November 19, 2018

If you can write a script, you can write a book! If you can write a book, you can publish it and start building your tribe, without asking for anybody’s approval. Making a movie is a million dollar investment, so as a script writer you’re at the mercy of agents, editors and an endless line of gatekeepers. You might be the next James Cameron but while you’re still “in the making” why not use your superpowers to make some extra cash and build your fame? How? Convert your script into a book! More and more movies are based on books… Read More »How To Bypass the Gatekeepers: Screenwriter To Published Author

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10 Quick Tips To Get You Inspired

When writing is your passion but you just don’t have that inspiration coming through, it’s time to look around. There are many things surrounding us every day that could inspire and motivate us. If you are stressed out, it may be difficult to see. Even the best writers sometimes find themselves without an idea to write about. But we live in a world full of information and inspiration. Let’s look at some tips for finding it and getting you inspired!  1) Look at blogs I love blogs because they are personal and intimate. You are able to get into the… Read More »10 Quick Tips To Get You Inspired

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3 Quick, Useful And FREE Ways For Writers to Stay Up-To-Date

  • July 5, 2015August 11, 2015

Someone once said to me, “The internet is like the biggest library in the world, but all the books are on the floor.” I can SO relate to this. With so much great content online, it can be difficult to know where to **start** when it comes to sourcing help and opinions on writing. But the good news is, it’s never been easier to navigate the web and get what you want/need. So, if you’re sick of being the last to know about helpful articles and tips on writing, plus you’re wondering how some people always seem to know before YOU… Read More »3 Quick, Useful And FREE Ways For Writers to Stay Up-To-Date

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8 Female-Centric Biopics That Need Writing NOW

Biopics and true story dramas DOMINATE awards season, so with the Oscar Noms out last week it would seem that **this** year it’s all about the menz. As I always say though, the problem is not male-centric stories, but that there’s just too many of them! With it being a “man’s world” throughout history, one might be forgiven for thinking it’s all rather inevitable that the fellas will take over the true story genre … If it weren’t for the fact this is utter BILGE! There ARE amazing women of history and not just since women’s suffrage and emancipation either –… Read More »8 Female-Centric Biopics That Need Writing NOW

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12 Aspects To Consider During Character Development

  • November 11, 2014December 1, 2016

I’m confident the below will give you a different perspective on developing those brilliant sparks of character ideas you have into longlasting heroes or heroines of your story. These tips are geared towards playwrights and screenwriters, plus they can be applied to novels for novelists too (but will need a slight spin to accommodate the nature of a novel). Let’s get to it! 1) Most Important onstage relationship. Your character will be interacting with many people throughout the course of the writing, but who will have his or her attention the most when they’re on stage, the screen or the… Read More »12 Aspects To Consider During Character Development

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Authors & Book Rights: 5 Key Truths

  • May 22, 2014December 1, 2016

I became aware of  @Tom_Chalmers on Twitter via his publishing company @Legend_Press, who are currently running the Self Published Book Of The Month initiative with The Guardian Newspaper. I thought this sounded such a great idea, I Skyped with Tom recently; he told me all about his other company, IPRLicense and how understanding licenses can benefit Indie Authors in going after lucrative deals, so I asked him to write this guest post for us as part of B2W’s Indie Authors Week. Enjoy! There’s a famous exchange in a court room which continues to be one of the most quotable scenes in… Read More »Authors & Book Rights: 5 Key Truths

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9 Ways To Celebrate The Progress Of Female Characters, Writers & Makers

Great news, Bang2writers: I think we can safely say 2013 was a good year for female characters. Why? Well check this out:  And this: Aaaaaaand this:  [If you want to read more, click on the pics.] The three movies above were not the only big budget fare this year to feature unusual female characters; THE WOLVERINE featured not just one, but TWO Women of Colour in prominent roles; PACIFIC RIM also featured a WoC in a prominent role: Mako Mori, who was widely praised for her representation by feminist commentators. In addition, there has been a veritable EXPLOSION of commentary about… Read More »9 Ways To Celebrate The Progress Of Female Characters, Writers & Makers

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