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Want To Write A Guest Post For B2W?


Social media has made it easier than ever for us all to connect, so now we have a new problem: novelists, writers, screenwriters and filmmakers have to work extra hard to stand out, to grab their best possible chance of getting noticed. With all the appeals for “Likes” and RTs and general SPAM flying about on all the various platforms, the savvy writer or filmmaker knows that it’s great CONTENT that gets their projects, sites and themselves awareness.

So I’m offering B2W up as a platform for any writer or filmmaker who wants to up their profile and connect with others – pitch me a guest post! Please refer to the submissions guidelines below and I look forward to hearing from you.


So, if you’re interested in writing a guest post for this site and reach a platform of 20K+, here are my submissions guidelines:

1) Please email me at Bang2writeATaolDOTcom and pitch me your idea for a post in the first instance*, which MUST have a number in the title (5 Reasons/10 Ways/4 Things) and/or a linkbait title, ie. How True Can A True Story Be? How Do I write A Great Character? etc.

(*The reason for this is I don’t want to waste anyone’s time – there are lots of guest posts on B2W now and I don’t want duplicates, or content that does not reflect the B2W remit, so please see below for more details).

2) If your idea is approved, 600-800 words max please (no minimum word count), plus your bio and links. Please do not embed the links in the word doc, my wifi is screwy out here in the boonies, so full links are appreciated. If you have a specific picture you want me to include with your article, please make sure it belongs to you and is sent with the article, otherwise I will use my own judgement.

3) Guest posts can be anything writing-related, but also on themes affecting the “alternative view” and industry/writers, such as best use of social media; successful submissions; women in film; etc. No film reviews, please unless there is a specific writing view to them.


Feedback. I usually give feedback on writers’ posts and ask them if they need to make changes, though I never set deadlines and writers’ time is always appreciated/respected.

Exclusivity. I ask that content be exclusive to Bang2write for approximately a week before you repost to your own blog or website, to maximise hits for us both so we can cross promote effectively. For this reason, content needs to be new, not from an existing blog or site beforehand.

Pay. I’m afraid I can’t offer pay as I am not paid to run this site myself and have no sponsors. If you’re looking for paid guest post opportunities, why not check out some of the links below.

Obvious mistakes. I get A LOT of requests re: guest posts and try to host at least one every week here at Bang2write, but I’m always surprised by how hard *some* potential guest post writers try and make things, which is why I thought this Chris Jones post on the matter totally nails it. Chris doesn’t just talk about what to put in your guest post, but technical stuff too, like NEVER send your post as a PDF! Sounds obvious I’m sure, but I too have been sent PDFs rather than .docs in the past.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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