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How To Bypass the Gatekeepers: Screenwriter To Published Author


If you can write a script, you can write a book!

If you can write a book, you can publish it and start building your tribe, without asking for anybody’s approval.

Making a movie is a million dollar investment, so as a script writer you’re at the mercy of agents, editors and an endless line of gatekeepers.

You might be the next James Cameron but while you’re still “in the making” why not use your superpowers to make some extra cash and build your fame?


Convert your script into a book!

More and more movies are based on books and experience shows such films have higher probability of becoming box office hits.

The good news is that anybody can write and publish a book now – and your budget is in the hundreds or low thousands of dollars, not in the millions.

Do it yourself or simply give your script to an editor and have this part outsourced (You’ve heard about ghostwriters, right?). This is just getting your script adapted to a book so that you can start SELLING.

Successful book sales really boil down to 3 steps …


Step1: Optimise your book and Amazon Page for conversion

What does this even mean? It’s like with selling anything. If you’re about to sell a house you wouldn’t present it to a potential buyer right after you had the party of the year in it … You’d throw out all the garbage, you’d do the dishes, you’d polish all the surfaces, you’d bring in a bunch of flowers to put on the table and you’d look your best. You’d optimise your house’s appearance for a sale.

It’s the same with your Amazon page and your website. You need the right keywords, an eye-catching cover, a title that raises curiosity (just like with scripts!), plus you need a captivating description and at least 25 reviews. MORE: How To Build Your Own Online Platform

Step 2: Create and optimise your funnel

If this is foreign territory, just give me a moment. I’ll help. If you’re an empathic person it should be easy. If you’re not, I’ll make it easy for you anyway.

Basically what you do is you create something of value to your readers. It can be anything. Maybe a video of you reading the book to them? Or a free ebook? Or maybe they’d like to see where you come from and you could show them how your book used to be a script.

You want to give people something in exchange of their email address, because that gives you a prime piece of online real estate – the privilege of being able to appear in your readers’ inbox. In other words, GIVE them something, to get their email address — they sign up for your list in order to download it.

Step 3: Send traffic

Now and only now does it make sense to send traffic to your website or Amazon page. Traffic is just marketing jargon for visitors.

See, the biggest (and very costly!) mistake authors make is that they skip the first two steps on this list and go directly to step 3. If you’re sending people to a page that hasn’t been optimised and you don’t have much to offer you’re just wasting a lot of time and/or money.

But that’s not us, obviously. We’ve got the first two steps covered so now there are two ways for us to send traffic.

  1. Invest time: that’s scouting reviewers of books similar to yours for example and inviting them to your landing page.
  2. Invest money: that’s all kinds of ads.

Just remember it’s very unlikely that traffic will generate on its own. You have to actively make it happen.

And there you have it. The three steps to bypass the gatekeepers and take matters into your own hands!

And who knows? That book you created from your script might be picked up by a movie studio and turned back into a screenplay. Think The Martian by Andy Weir; Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James or Wool by Hugh Howley. MORE: 5 Rules For Novelising Screenplays

YOU could be the next self-published author whose book turns into a record-smashing box office hit!

To discover more about bypassing the gatekeepers and making money by self-publishing your book in 2017, download a copy of 7 Secrets to Winning in Self-Publishing.  Click on the link, or on any of the pics in this post.

Good luck!

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