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  • B2W FAQs – How To Improve Your Self Belief
    Is Self Belief A Problem For You?  If your self belief has taken a hit as a writer, rest assured LOTS of Bang2writers before you have felt similarly! Check out this edition of the B2W FAQS for […]
  • 3 Toxic Myths About Writing You Probably Believe
    All About Toxic Myths Lots of writers believe in toxic myths about writing. They will often call it ‘realism’, but fact is – these myths are destroying their chances of advancing […]
  • B2W FAQs – Submissions & Careers Edition
    Questions On Submissions & Careers Bang2writers ask me almost daily about writing submissions & careers!  I thought I’d round up some info on this in the same place for you guys. […]
  • 5 Book Marketing Mistakes Writers Make
    All About Book Marketing Book marketing isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to shop a book to people who’ve never heard of you before. Making mistakes is part of the process, but there […]
  • KILLING EVE’s Luke Jennings: ‘You Adore Villanelle, Or You’re Appalled.’
    About Luke Jennings Luke Jennings is an author and journalist. Bang2writers will know him best as the writer of the Killing Eve novels, the basis for the hit TV series. In case you’ve been hiding […]
  • How To Develop Your Structural Toolbox
    What Is A Structural Toolbox? Do you have a structural toolbox? When most writers (novelist or screenwriter) have structural problems in their drafts, having a structural toolbox can pay dividends. […]
  • 16 Easy Ways To Unlock Your Creativity
    Spark Your Passion Lots of Bang2writers have told me lately their creativity has taken a dive during lockdown. With so much upheaval and uncertainty in our lives right now, it’s no surprise. […]
  • How To Rekindle Your Passion For Writing
    If you feel your passion for writing ebbing away right now, you’re not alone. With everything going on in the world, it can feel like writing isn’t *that* important. Yet we are going to […]
  • An Epic Rundown of the LSF365 Live Script Edit Pile
    LSF365 Live Script Edit 2020 So, it was the B2W LSF365 Live Script Edit last night! I have been doing the Live Script Edit for the festival for years now. I’m never failed to be impressed by […]
  • 10 Simple Tips For Getting A Full Read
    Everyone Wants A Full Read It’s well known that script readers will assess a spec script’s first 10 pages to see if should get a full read. Whether we think it fair or not, it’s […]
  • A Screenwriter’s Guide to Navigating The Pandemic Lockdown
    How to Navigate Lockdown: 3 Tips for Screenwriters What if you could get something good out of the lockdown? Your main priority should be to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. But the […]
  • 6 Tips On How to Write Compelling Dialogue
    How to Write Compelling Dialogue Writing compelling dialogue seems to be one of the hardest nuts to crack in the writing world. Many writers struggle with how to make the conversations not only feel […]
  • 15 Awesome Tips For Cutting Down Your Page Count
    All About Cutting Down Page Count Cutting down scripts is an essential tool of the trade for writers. Last week I had to cut a script down from 138 pages to the required 104. Losing 34 pages is no […]
  • No, Diverse Characters DON’T Have To Drive The Plot
    Diversity Drive Calm down Doris I have not lost the plot! The drive for more diversity (*cough* variety) in all stories is still very much part of this website. Obviously B2W would never advocate […]
  • Top 10 Struggles Writers Go Through In The Industry
    Reality Check Lots of writers believe they’ve ‘made it’ when their screenplay gets optioned, but the reality is that’s when their struggles REALLY begin! I’m delighted […]
  • How To Watch And Break Down A TV Show Episode
    Watch & Learn Lots of my Bang2writers say they’re going to watch TV shows ‘for work’ … but then don’t do any work! They just enjoy them. Tsk. Naughty writers! But […]
  • Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Plotting Their Novels
    The Plot Thickens It’s difficult to know when you’re making mistakes during the writing process, especially when you’re plotting. Whether it’s a plot hole, a lack of diverse characters, […]
  • Plotters Versus Pantsers: What Type of Writer Are YOU?
    Plotters Versus Pantsers The ‘plotters versus pantsers’ debate often rages between writers. Should we … … plot everything in advance, writing outlines and even populating […]
  • How to Build a Book Launch Team
    About Book Launch Teams If it’s time for you to launch your next book on Amazon, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a great launch team. This is a group of people that will get an early […]
  • Why A Vague Logline Kills Your Pitch DEAD
    Vague, A Definition Newsflash: a vague logline kills your pitch … But then we know this. Every Bang2writer paying attention knows a logline (aka short pitch) should have CLARITY. It’s one […]
  • Rethinking Masculinity: How To Write A Memorable Male Character
    How Can A Character’s Masculinity Make Them Memorable? We are hopefully moving to a world where the main characters are not male by default. But rather than limiting roles for men, this can make […]
  • 10 Ways To Write 1000 Words By 9AM
    1000 Words By 9am What if you could write as much as 1000 words by mid-morning, and enjoy the ride? Even though you love writing, it’s probably the most challenging activity you tackle each day. Here […]
  • Flow Chart – How To Write A Diverse Character
    How To Write A Diverse Character It’s a fact that audiences want a greater variety of characters in movies and television that feel both fresh AND authentic. But as writers, we are also told to […]
  • 10 Quick And Easy Tips To Boost Your Writing
    How To Boost Your Writing If you want to give your writing a quick and easy boost, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a top 10 of writing tips I give most often. What I love about […]
  • Top 5 Storyworld Mistakes Writers Make
    What Is Storyworld? If you type the word ‘storyworld’ into Google, the results are not great. But it’s a word I like to use with writers, because the notion can prove very […]
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