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3 Quick, Useful And FREE Ways For Writers to Stay Up-To-Date

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Someone once said to me, “The internet is like the biggest library in the world, but all the books are on the floor.” I can SO relate to this. With so much great content online, it can be difficult to know where to **start** when it comes to sourcing help and opinions on writing.

But the good news is, it’s never been easier to navigate the web and get what you want/need. So, if you’re sick of being the last to know about helpful articles and tips on writing, plus you’re wondering how some people always seem to know before YOU do, here’s 3 great, useful and FREE ways to join them! Enjoy …

1) Flipboard

Get Flipboard, HERE from iTunes and HERE from Google Play

Sick of combing the web or social media for articles and blogs about writing? Then STOP! With Flipboard, you can create your own “magazine” tailored to your own interests. It will comb the interwebz for you for articles on subjects YOU choose and  aggregate them into your version of the app, plus you can actually create and share your own with others if you want to. Flipboard has revolutionised my reading and research, no exaggeration — not only on writing either, but on ALL the subjects that interest and influence me. Download this FREE app to your desktop, phone, tablet or iPad NOW! MORE: 4 Indispensable Social Media Platforms For Writers 

rebelmouse2) Rebelmouse

Follow @Bang2write on RebelMouse HERE 

But OK, you can’t be bothered with downloading apps and suchlike – no problem! Instead, you can subscribe to RebelMouse. It’s free and combs through Twitter and other social media platforms daily for content about subjects you choose (such as writing), delivering a digest direct to your email inbox of useful links and other stuff. You can create your own, or FOLLOW MINE, which is already done for you! Just click the button to subscribe. MOREUsing Social Media: Making Connections, Self Promotion, Building Relationships


Follow the B2W, HERE 

B2W has used this app the longest and over the last couple of years it’s become better and more streamlined.

A daily automated round up of content such as articles, videos and photos, you can designate keywords to ensure it filters only the stuff you want. Mine are #scriptchat, #writing, #screenwriting, #novels and #socialmedia. Alternatively, if there are particular users online you want to follow, enter his/her Twitter handle — or better still, do a combo of both!

Another feature I like about it is that you can ensure it publishes to your social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, as well as your email inbox. In addition, daily on Twitter will randomly tag users who’ve featured in your day’s round up. Whilst this can *occasionally* be an epic fail – (I’ve had a couple of porno-bots, plus people who’ve been confused as to why this has happened!) – 90% of the time it’s on point and I’ve even met really interesting writers via this function.

Just click the button to SUBSCRIBE TO MINE and/or create your own. Alternatively, my publishes to @Bang2write on Twitter and Facebook between 1:45pm and 2:45PM (GMT), so look out for it. MORE: The B2W Writing Resources Page


How do YOU find great stuff online about writing?

If you know of other free apps, platforms & round ups, then link to them in the comments section for other Bang2writers. Don’t forget you can also check out my writing books, by clicking the link below or the pic above.

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