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10 Quick Tips To Get You Inspired

When writing is your passion but you just don’t have that inspiration coming through, it’s time to look around. There are many things surrounding us every day that could inspire and motivate us.

If you are stressed out, it may be difficult to see. Even the best writers sometimes find themselves without an idea to write about. But we live in a world full of information and inspiration. Let’s look at some tips for finding it and getting you inspired!


 1) Look at blogs

I love blogs because they are personal and intimate. You are able to get into the mind of the blogger and live a story with them. If you are looking for inspiration, go to your favorite blogs. You need those blogs you can relate to; the ones that make you happy. You will be surprised how motivated you feel to write after this. MORE: Inspired By A Small Seed: 6 Writers’ Stories 

2) Veg out

Chill in front of the television or just lay down on your bed. Sometimes it is okay to just veg out and do nothing. When your mind is in a relaxed state, you are open to new ideas. Stressing about it won’t help you at all. Taking time to unwind is the key to finding your inspiration.

3) Read an actual book

Sure, we live in a world full of screens but sometimes there is nothing like paper between your fingers. Read something you enjoy. It should be something you can get totally lost in. Pick up some tips for your writing in your choice of books. Look at things like sentences using semicolons. These books have been edited and writing is usually pretty good.

4) Practice your writing skills

Sometimes we lose inspiration because we think that we are not good enough. How about you silence those voices by taking a spelling or grammar course. Write a one page article and put it through a paraphrase tool or a semicolon checker. You might learn some important skills which will help you become a better writer.

5) Listen to music

You might be asking, what does music have to do with writing? Music is always necessary in times of doubt. Play your music in the background or plug in some earphones with your favorite tunes on. Either way, music sets us free from the bondages in our heads. Let the music take you to another place, another time and give you the inspiration you need for your next piece. MORE: 6 Writing Prompt Tips To Get You Started


6) Spend time outside

Go for a walk outside and get some fresh air. Nothing inspires you more than spending time in nature. Look at the beauty around you and absorb every little whisper of the wind. Look at the sun rising or setting. Have a picnic in the park and listen to the laughter of children.

7) Invite a friend

Many writers live a very isolated life. If you live a life that’s filled with words and a computer screen, it’s time to call a friend. In fact, call one of your funniest friends. The one who makes you laugh until you can’t laugh anymore. There is nothing more rewarding than spending some quality time with good friends. A friend with a good sense of humour will help you release some of the tension and help you find your inspiration. MORE: 8 Reasons Why Writers Make Brilliant Friends

8) Exercise

If you still haven’t released all the tension that is curbing your inspiration flow, go workout. You will be able to free all those happiness inducing endorphins and free up some space in your mind. My best ideas come on a long run. When there is nothing but you and the road, it is the most freeing feeling.

9) Look at images

Go onto the internet and look at picture that inspire you. For me it’s strangely pictures of beautifully created meals. I can go on Instagram, scan through some really yummy meals and I am often inspired. Of course this works for me because I love to cook and to eat. Look at what inspires you. We are visual creatures and looking at something beautiful can inspire you beyond your expectations.

10) Just write!

When you are feeling stuck in your writing, sometimes it’s best to just start writing anyway. Write a lot of nonsense if you must. Have no topic or structure but just don’t stop until you find your flow. The hardest part is always to start. MORE: 10 (More) Tips For Finding Writing Inspiration

Remember …

At the end of the day, we all have days when we feel less inspired. You will get through it and maybe you just need to wake up the next day to your inspiration. Be kind to yourself and give yourself some grace in these moments. This too shall pass.

BIO: Michael Nix works as a content manager and writing is his hobby. He also writes poems and short stories and dreams of publishing his own book. Michael travels a lot and enjoys his life.

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