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NEWSFLASH: This Is Why Your Flashbacks Suck

This is the thing about flashbacks … Most flashbacks in the spec screenplay pile are DULL at best; DISJOINTED at worst. In fact, it’s incredibly unusual to find a non linear script in the pile that makes sense. Supersadface. Similarly, though time can obviously be more malleable in  a novel, unpublished novelists can still end up tying themselves – and the reader! – up in knots over where we ‘are’ in the timeline. But why is this? Well, it’s actually very simple: Flashbacks are primarily a PLOT device. This means they should relate primarily to how the story works, from… Read More »NEWSFLASH: This Is Why Your Flashbacks Suck

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Top 5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make

B2W is known as a blog that recognises it’s probably easier to figure out what NOT to do as a writer, so it’s no accident my ‘Top 5 Mistakes’ series has been so popular these past six months. From craft issues and loglines, through to female characters, research and more, I’ve been trying to outline the numerous ways we COULD trip up … So if you have any ideas for this series in 2017, do contact me with your pitch! You can view all the previous Top 5 Mistakes articles, HERE. Meanwhile, here’s the top 5 story mistakes even GOOD… Read More »Top 5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make

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What Is The Difference Between Horror And Thriller?

One of the most searched-for terms on this blog is, ‘What is the difference between Horror and Thriller?’ (Or, ‘What is the difference between Thriller And Horror’)!  This isn’t surprising, because as anyone who’s heard or read pitches knows, many spec screenwriters will specify ‘Horror/Thriller’ as their genre. But repeat after me, Bang2writers: THIS IS A VERY BAD IDEA. Here’s Why Of course mixed genre pieces exist, but they are the exceptions, NOT the rule. Put simply, if a writer says their screenplay is a ‘Horror/Thriller’, 9/10 they are mistaken. This means the literary agent, producer, filmmaker or script editor… Read More »What Is The Difference Between Horror And Thriller?

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5 Visual Representations of Storytelling Structure

Scary Structure Structure freaks so many writers out … It can be enough to strike fear into the heart of ANY spec screenwriter or unpublished novelist. But I actually think getting to grips with this is THE KEY to not only being a ‘good’ writer, but a SUCCESSFUL one! Whilst some structure methods like Blake Snyder’s ‘Save The Cat’ may seem formulaic, it’s important to note structure is NOT a formula. (Also, don’t forget Snyder never meant ‘Save The Cat’ to become the checklist it has, especially in some Hollywood circles). Structure = Beginning – Middle – End Stories are… Read More »5 Visual Representations of Storytelling Structure

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Structure Spotlight: 3 Things To Remember For Act 3

All About Act 3 So today we’re talking about Act 3, courtesy of  Bang2writer Craig Howells, who left this question in the B2W Facebook group: I’m really interested in the anatomy of Act 3. What are the Dos & Don’ts? I know you need to pay off, and I’ve got my own ideas (which I’m still working on) but I’d love to know your take on it. I’m not a structure purist. As far as I’m concerned, all stories *just* need a beginning, middle and end (and not necessarily in that order, either!). On this basis then, The Three Acts makes… Read More »Structure Spotlight: 3 Things To Remember For Act 3

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What’s The Difference Between Thriller And Horror?

  • November 2, 2013March 24, 2021

Thriller Vs. Horror Thriller and Horror … They’re practically the same genre, right? NOPE. Not by a long shot. Whilst they may share certain characteristics, Thriller and Horror are two definitive genres and this post will attempt to explain why in more detail. It’s A ‘Thriller / Horror’ Though I touch on this issue in my book, Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays, I think it’s worthwhile to go into more detail on this element. I see LOTS of spec screenplays that call themselves “Thriller / Horrors” and this is nearly always a mistake. Not only does it wind up the… Read More »What’s The Difference Between Thriller And Horror?

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Inconceivable! 14 Reasons To Love THE PRINCESS BRIDE

The other day, someone asked me what my favourite film is and I immediately replied, “The Princess Bride!” I work in a cinema so this isn’t an unusual question to be asked but it did get me thinking about why The Princess Bride is my favourite film, and what I, as a writer, can learn from it. 1.  “As You Wish.” At heart, the plot is a simple love story between Buttercup and Westley. Their love is established within two scenes before Westley leaves, and the rest of the film shows the couple trying to overcome various obstacles so they… Read More »Inconceivable! 14 Reasons To Love THE PRINCESS BRIDE

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10 Questions For Your First Ten Pages

Everywhere we look, screenwriters are advised to make their ten pages absolutely rock. And this is good advice, since if you write a “good” ten pages, chances are your draft will get a full read at that agent’s, prodco, initiative or contest. Knowing what “good” means in terms of the first ten pages is half the battle … So here are my thoughts on how to judge your own work from a script reader’s POV: 1. WHO are the characters? Whether TV script or feature, by page 10, we need to know who the main characters are – and by “main… Read More »10 Questions For Your First Ten Pages

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3 Reasons Why LEGALLY BLONDE Is Like, The Best Characterisation Totally, Ever

That’s right: LEGALLY BLONDE Yes, the one with Reese Witherspoon in – and that itty bitty dog. And the legal stuff. Duh. Dispel your prejudices at the door Mofos, because I put it to you: whilst candy sweet and pink on the outside, LEGALLY BLONDE is like ROCK on the inside. So … kinda like seaside rock, whaddyaknow?? But as you DO know, the average spec screenplay comes nowhere near ROCK on the characterisation or storytelling stakes. Instead, more often than not, the most a reader like me can hope for is something well … more FLACCID: OH COME ON!!… Read More »3 Reasons Why LEGALLY BLONDE Is Like, The Best Characterisation Totally, Ever

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5 Important Elements of Writing a Romantic Comedy

  • March 20, 2013January 11, 2019

Romantic Comedies Rock So, you want to write a romantic comedy … You’ve grabbed your pen or your laptop, and you’ve decided that it’s time to finally write. If only it were that simple! Not just anyone can sit down and spew out something funny, compelling and believable. At the very least, you need to keep some things in mind. Read on to find out more to find out what you need to make YOURS work … 1) Something Fresh One of the problems with romantic comedies these days is that they all seem to be exactly the same. Therefore,… Read More »5 Important Elements of Writing a Romantic Comedy

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