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You’re Kidding Me

Yeah, yeah… We all knew I wouldn’t last until the new year, I love all you gits WAAAAAAY too much (I’m a romantic: what can I say???). Well actually, there is something I can say: thirty votes??? IS THAT ALL??? Come on. Look on the right hand side bar people. I know you’re there. I know stats go down over the holiday period, but just 7% of you were looking for porn on this blog yesterday, which *must* mean the rest of you were here looking for screenwriting stuff. So look at the lovely loglines. Decide on your fave. And… Read More »You’re Kidding Me

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Logline Contest – READ AND VOTE!

So here you are… Some lovely loglines for you to vote on in the Chrimbo Holidays! Enjoy and please do give constructive criticism where you can (if in doubt as to what constitutes “constructive”, click here). I’ve posted as they were in the emails, no corrections etc – some are longer than 25 words. Do you disqualify them?? Well that’s up to you: you’re the judges people, not me!! The poll will end on New Year’s Day. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! A LONG JOURNEY A LONG JOURNEY. A neglectful father and resentful son attempt to reconnect as they go on a… Read More »Logline Contest – READ AND VOTE!

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Christmas Logline Competition

Long term readers will remember the just-for-fun logline and synopsis competition this blog had back in July as a knee-jerk reaction to so many of us in the Scribosphere trying – and not making it – into The Screenwriters’ Festival Fever Pitch Comp. Scribes and Bloggers voted in a poll for their favourites and even offered feedback to one another, so it was both great fun and useful. Check out the entries here and the winners here. Many people asked in the comments and emailed me to set up a new competition though and I’m pleased to announce the second… Read More »Christmas Logline Competition

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