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DEVIATION Tagline Competition

Bang2writers, I bring you a contest via The Deviation blog – there is no charge and there are prizes on offer, deadline 21st January, 2011. Best of luck with it!!!


Create a tagline for DEVIATION. The tagline must reflect the tone of Deviation the movie, which is a dark thriller. For more information on Deviation and its characters, make sure you check out our round up of all the posts and articles about this film online, here.

The fab Rinaldo from Moviescope Magazine is offering a subscription to the winner of this contest and fellow deviant Chris Jones of The London Screenwriters’ Festival has offered up ten Screenwriters’ Pocketbooks: one for the winner and another for a whopping NINE runners up! Thanks guys!

Deadline for entries is 5pm, Friday 21st January and entrants may enter 2 taglines only. After this date, all qualifying taglines will be uploaded to this blog in the form of a poll and all you Deviants will have chance to vote for the winner!

NB. Entry must be via Twitter* or the Deviation Facebook page only wherever possible; all entries must be marked on both Twitter and FB with the hashtag #devcomp to be considered. If you have no Twitter or FB account, you can send the entry to Associate Producer Lucy V on Bang2writeATaolDOTcom, but please make sure DEVCOMP is in the subject line. *Please note Twitterati: you needn’t take up extra space by adding either @devmov or @Bang2write into your tweets, just add the #devcomp hashtag & we will see it!

This is a writers’ opportunity, so make sure you tell EVERYONE you know who is into the scribe thing! Please spread the word via your own blogs and social networks.


For anyone who doesn’t know, a tagline is that little sentence or sentences you find on the movie poster or the DVD box. Famous examples include “In space, no one can hear you scream” (Alien); “They’re here…” (Poltergeist) and “Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.” (The Shawshank Redemption). Find more examples of movie taglines in this huge list.

For more the more advanced screenwriters out there, please note we are NOT looking for loglines. If you’re not sure of the difference between a tagline and a logline, please read this article.

If you have any further queries, please tweet us or leave a msg on our FB wall. Before you do however, please check out the terms and conditions below, as there is a strong chance they may answer your questions.


1) Deadline 5pm, Friday 21st January, 2011; maximum 2 entries per person and the tagline must reflect the tone/genre of Deviation the movie.
2) There is no charge for this contest.
3) Winner will be picked after the 21st January by the readers of the Deviation blog and social networks via a poll, which will be hosted here.
4) Entries must be made via Twitter and the Deviation Facebook page; entries posted in the comments section of this blog, on any other blog or social networking page (including those of the producers’ of Deviation movie) will not be counted.
5) For non-social networkers ONLY: please send entries to Lucy V Hay on Bang2writeATaolDOTcom with DEVCOMP in the subject line of the email.
6) Tweets and FB wall posts must be hashtagged #devcomp to be counted as part of the contest.
7) Joke taglines are welcome, but will not be counted as part of the contest.
8) Taglines limited to the size of a tweet incorporating #devcomp or the allowed 420 characters on the Facebook wall, including the hashtag #devcomp. Those longer or without the hashtag are disqualified.
9) The tagline must not be a logline.
10) Good luck!

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