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We Have A Winner

So, the poll that got a life of its own and extended itself by a further 8 hours despite my setting it for midday-ish has finally finished and the winner is…

Sheikspear and his version of “Long Journey”!

Nice one. Well done to everyone else for entering, bad luck if your logline did not poll but I hope it’s proved a fun and useful exercise. It’s too bad we couldn’t get as much feedback etc as the previous contest – note to self: contests over the busiest offline period of the year is probably not the best time to run these things. But live and learn and I know I for one had fun reading everyone’s efforts. I thought I would post some informal feedback about all of them in the next week or so if that’s cool with you guys.

Happy New Year!

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8 thoughts on “We Have A Winner”

  1. Wow! What a great start to the New Year! Many thanks to those lovely voters for taking the time to read & vote and the lovely Lucy for creating the contest.
    In reality, everyone who entered is a winner, because we have exercised those creative juices again and that elusive commission could be that little bit closer…
    Here’s to 2008!

  2. Congratulations Sheikspear!

    And Happy New Year Lucy. I would definitely like to see your informal feedback.
    I didn’t have time to leave any feedback when I voted – hope it’s not too late to give reasons for my vote which went to Joe Cawley’s Long Journey. This was my fave because it had such an obviously flawed (malicious) protagonist who’s got to prove he’s good. Lots of potential for dark comedy. And the village for naughty children reminded me of the hideous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang childcatcher. Really strong images just from the logline.

  3. Congrats, Sheiky! I hope it’s the start of many good things coming your way in ’08.

    And thanks again, Lucy, for a worthwhile and educational contest. Your feedback on the entries would be very welcome.

    Dave Anderson

  4. You’re welcome guys – and Caroline, it’s definitely not too late to offer feedback, thanks for that. Since people have emailed too saying some feedback from me is cool, I’ll do that just as soon as we can. Let’s get the chat going and see if we can offer each other some pointers in making some of these loglines real scripts!

  5. Looking forward to the feedback posts.

    Thanks for the congrats Caroline, Dave & Elinor. I’ve gone bloggy now, so next time you’re out surfing, pop on over & take a peak…

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