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Quick Question: Graphic Novels, Contracts & Collaborating

Bang2writer David asks: “Hi – I’ve got a short story that could really suit a ‘Graphic Novel’ type approach. 1. How do i go about approaching an Agent or Publisher to get the ball rolling on that; and 2. As it will be a collaborative project with a graphic artist, is there a Contract thats in existence that they could sign so as not to pinch my idea?” Scriptwriting is a collaborative medium, so recognising *what* your script is and which audience it would be suited to (ie. graphic novels) from the offset is really advantageous. An agent or publisher is unlikely… Read More »Quick Question: Graphic Novels, Contracts & Collaborating

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How Do I Make New Contacts?

One thing Bang2writers always ask me is “How do I make new contacts?” Annoyingly, my answer is always the same: “By meeting them.” But where do you start? This seems to be one of the things that freak writers out the most. I’m often told at the seminars, talks and workshops I do that the industry is a “closed shop” and that “no one wants to know”. Yet this has NEVER been my experience. It’s not that I am somehow more “lucky” or “better” at making contacts, either. Writers starting out – and indeed those more seasoned wanting to “step… Read More »How Do I Make New Contacts?

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Guest Post: The Importance Of Collaborating & Networking by Scott Baker

Here’s a great story from Scott about how you MAKE your own opportunities by getting “out there” and never giving up – enjoy! It was about August/September time last year where I logged into Talent Circle and found a job advert for a Scriptwriter, I thought to myself: “Am I good enough to apply for it?” I still classified myself as a “novice” as I’ve been writing for just over a year now and in that time I was really struggling to discover my “VOICE” – what made me unique in my style of writing and storytelling. If you were… Read More »Guest Post: The Importance Of Collaborating & Networking by Scott Baker

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How To Become A Script Reader

How I became a script reader One question I get asked all the time is, “How do I become a script reader?” So, once and for all – here is the lowdown on how my consultancy Bang2write started – plus make sure you check out my course, Breaking Into Script Reading, back for its seventh year in 2021! As I’ve said before, I never actually SET OUT to become a script reader. I did the BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film & TV course at Bournemouth University and part of the course covered it. As I also detail in this post, when… Read More »How To Become A Script Reader

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Pitch Up

Since launching the new format for the pitches last week, my Talent Circle inbox has been ON FIRE!!! Some great pitches have made their way on to the noticeboard so far, so well done to everyone who’s grabbed this FREE opportunity: we’ve had all sorts, from TV series to shorts to features pitched so far and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what comes in next. I’ve also had to make a rather large number of declines. This has largely been down to people not following the guidelines: the main issue has been – you guessed it! – TAGLINES INSTEAD… Read More »Pitch Up

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Talent Circle – Pitch Online for Free!!! New Resource & Chance To Win LSF 2011 Ticket

Pitching – whether online or in “real life” – is an art, there’s no doubt about it. However, whilst I’ve seen a definite improvement in one page pitches and stuff like series bibles, it would seem the notion of online pitching is pretty stagnant in terms of progress in the last few years. This is a real shame I think, since the internet is a BRILLIANT place to get ourselves and our work noticed. I spend a lot of time looking at online pitches everywhere I can and am always staggered by how bad some are. I’m sure you’ve read… Read More »Talent Circle – Pitch Online for Free!!! New Resource & Chance To Win LSF 2011 Ticket

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