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How Do I Make New Contacts?

One thing Bang2writers always ask me is “How do I make new contacts?” Annoyingly, my answer is always the same: “By meeting them.”

But where do you start?

This seems to be one of the things that freak writers out the most. I’m often told at the seminars, talks and workshops I do that the industry is a “closed shop” and that “no one wants to know”.

Yet this has NEVER been my experience. It’s not that I am somehow more “lucky” or “better” at making contacts, either.

Writers starting out – and indeed those more seasoned wanting to “step up a gear” in their career – now have more ways of making contacts than EVER before. All a writer has to do is REALISE and ENGAGE with the plethora of opportunities on offer, via:

– Short courses (The Script Factory, Euroscript, London Script Consultancy)

– Festivals (London Screenwriters’ Festival, Film Festivals)

– Networking events (Stellar Network, WGGB, BBC Writers’ Room)

– University courses (MAs, BAs in scriptwriting, creative writing, etc)

– Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, et al)

– Internet forums and bulletins (Talent Circle, Shooting People, Mandy)

– Creating their own meet ups in real life/online

– Initiatives and contests (free like NanoWrimo, ScriptFrenzy) or paid for (Bluecat, Scriptapolooza, etc)

Phoning, emailing, tweeting & meeting other writers, directors, producers and agents and JOINING IN is the absolute LIFEBLOOD of our writing. Without this, our scripts wither away and die on our desktops. Sure, you can stick a pin in the Artist’s Yearbook, but just think if you had already MET that agent, producer, actor or whatever – how much MORE of a chance could your work have in *their* hands if they could picture your FACE or the many amusing tweet conversations you’ve had BEFORE? If you’ve had a good relationship, there’s every chance they will come to your script WANTING to like it.

Can’t say better than that. FACT.

So reach out. Doesn’t matter how you do it (as long as you don’t paint yourself a weirdo). Doesn’t matter how much or how little money you spend.

Just do it.


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