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Copyright: A Follow Up

I posted recently about WHY people out there in the big scary world of scriptwriting WON’T nick your script or idea. Whilst many writers reacted favourably in the blogosphere and Twitsville, I was still surprised by how many insisted I *had* to be wrong, sending me links to various cases where scripts have apparently been “stolen”. But let’s break it down: – No personal experience? Interestingly, NOT ONE WRITER who sent me links mentioned they had had their work PERSONALLY stolen. Instead, they were sending me links to cases they had read about on the internet, most often on message… Read More »Copyright: A Follow Up

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How True Does A True Story Need To Be?

True Stories and ‘Truth’ How ‘true’ does a ‘true story’ need to be? On the surface, this might seem obvious – but it’s NOT! Bang2writer James Hickey asks this question: Do you know if there are any copyright laws or what-have-you regarding true stories one would read on the internet, or maybe have told to them? “Based on a true story” can be problematic… but only largely cos 9/10 it’s not really true. Take the movie Wolf Creek for instance. What was that based on? The Peter Falconio case *maybe*… But it felt like a tenuous link really, more in a… Read More »How True Does A True Story Need To Be?

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Get This, Writers: No One Will Steal Your Script!

Steal Your Stuff? Will someone steal your script, if you send it anywhere? You are not alone in wondering this. There are so many ‘cases’ out there in internet-land to read, especially those relating to movies we’ve all seen, such as The Matrix and Coming To America. But I can’t stress enough: no one is **out** to steal anyone’s scripts or ideas as standard (despite what internet searches and crazy people on bulletin boards and Facebook groups insist). For context, as BOTH  pro writer and script reader, I’ve never ONCE heard of a credible case of a writer sending of a… Read More »Get This, Writers: No One Will Steal Your Script!

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UK Copyright Myths Exploded

Copyright is something that comes round and round again – message boards, forums and postings here, there and everywhere seem to *always* say something *like*: I’m about to send my script off to a producer. How do I protect it? Seems to me copyright only appears important to writers not used to sending out their scripts; it can be a daunting prospect and part of the fear of that unknown is how *safe* our work is in the hands of these anonymous producers and agents. I’ve never once had a conversation with a seasoned writer that goes like this: ME:… Read More »UK Copyright Myths Exploded

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