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A Note To Spammers

Dear Mr. Spam Man, Thanks for letting me win the lottery three times a week average. I don’t deal in Euros, Dollars or Yen though, so I’d appreciate it if you could actually just send me my winnings for the draw that I actually didn’t enter in a suitcase or bag marked “SWAG” in Pounds Sterling. Ta. Cheers also to the lovely fellows with unpronouncable names who say that because I am “obviously” a good Christian, they can trust me to look after their squillions of pounds whilst they run away from oppressive regimes and gain asylum in the UK.… Read More »A Note To Spammers

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Free Music

In keeping with this week’s music theme courtesy of Maryan, the lovely Katie sent me a link to a band, Slashed Seat Affair, who are offering a free download from their site. For anyone who enjoys rock music, I can thoroughly recommend it – even though *shock horror* there’s no swearing or blatant references to sex in it, but hey you can’t have everything. Download the track here from the band’s official website. Slashed Seat Affair on Myspace.

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Template Question

Like many of you out there I use Final Draft and whilst it’s certainly not perfect, it’s the one I find most serviceable and least annoying, even though I must only use about a tenth of the applications. Basically then this is a Q for those out there who know their way round this software better than I do (which is not difficult, admittedly, my cat probably knows more about FD than I do). In the “file” bit on the far left handside, you can go to “new screenplay” and you have the basic spec template, even I know that.… Read More »Template Question

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I Love Spam

Just received this: A rabbit carcass in its stiffened fur.Gray the cloud-like oaksBetween the high and the low, in this night.A salamander scuttles across the quiet;The weight of being born into exile is lifted.XVI. Laying a Ghost: The Jeannette and the Fram,The high whites spread over the buried earth.Cascading snowflakes settle in the pines,(The face of a Quos’ ego),Now that you notice it — have just moved pastWhiteness, those pediments that riseAstonished that you have returned to go:Yes. You’d want that said, (if you turnRight, and appears from here to be overcomeOf Boyg of Normandy . . .)Swaying in unison… Read More »I Love Spam

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Bang2write is going to be part of The British Library! Yes, you read that right. Despite the insults, threats, vulgarity, swearing, double entendres, slightly arthouse moments and general sauciness on this blog (which I supect is the reason I was removed from The BBC Writers’ Room Blogroll? Hmmmmm? Censored!!!), apparently Write Here, Write Now has been designated a “key site” and will soon be archived in its modern blogs collection for internet research on scriptwriting. It’s not there yet, they’re moving to a “more performant crawler” (that makes me think of a centipede in running shoes and shorts for some… Read More »Archived!

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Now I’M looking – for Geeks, that is

Hello my pretties. Quick query today re: this computer stuff (so if you know nowt, like lil’ ol’ me, tune out, you know you want to.) I want to do two things but don’t know where to start with either of them. a) I want to put a sitemeter on my other blog. (I know I have one here, but no idea how it got there, presumably someone else did it – or it’s a gift from the sitemeter fairy and in which case, ta very much but can I have another one please?). b) I want to upload documents… Read More »Now I’M looking – for Geeks, that is

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