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Now I’M looking – for Geeks, that is

Hello my pretties. Quick query today re: this computer stuff (so if you know nowt, like lil’ ol’ me, tune out, you know you want to.)

I want to do two things but don’t know where to start with either of them.

a) I want to put a sitemeter on my other blog. (I know I have one here, but no idea how it got there, presumably someone else did it – or it’s a gift from the sitemeter fairy and in which case, ta very much but can I have another one please?).

b) I want to upload documents on to this blog (just single Word docs, one or two pages, that kinda thing) or find out how to do site hosting so I can upload documents SOMEWHERE and then link to them from the blog. Some of you out there do this already – I’m looking at you Lee Thomson – so PLEASE tell me how to do it too, I want to join the club.

Any info gratefully received, MWAH…

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10 thoughts on “Now I’M looking – for Geeks, that is”

  1. a) Go to and follow their instructions – it’s really easy, I managed to install the code on my blog without any assistance so if I can I’m sure you can!

    b) I would like to know the answer to this one myself.

  2. Thanks Lianne! You’re a star re: a), will do that. The sitemeter thing for the one I have on this blog is incomprehensible. Brain. Exploding. Again.

    As for b) there must be someone out there who can fill us girlies in.

    Oooo errr. Double entendre alert.

  3. No you can’t have another one you greedy girl. Bloody sitemeters don’t grow on trees you know! *tuts*

  4. According to the blogger help files you can only upload pictures. You could try getting free website hosting, uploading them there and then linking to them?

    I don’t really know what I’m talking about though.

  5. Sadly neither do I Phil – I’ve tried web hosting but all my files are apparently NOT SUPPORTED. Anyone know why??? They’re doc files…

  6. You’ve got me curious on the (b) issue, so I just uploaded a doc file into my webspace. Thing is, you can access it fine but a pop-up box offers the surfer a choice of opening or saving the document. So it would have to be stuff you wouldn’t mind people being able to download…

    For a demo, go to this address: ep 2.doc

  7. Lucy, did you get my email? If not, and for the benefit of others, you can’t beat Google Pages, which makes it really easy to upload and link to stuff. All you need is a Google account which, as Blogger users, most of you will already have.

  8. Thanks boys – I WANT peeps to be able to download these pages if they want thanks Jason. And I did get your email Lee, thanks: replying was on my “to do” list this morn, but I’ll do it here! ; ) Haven’t got a gmail account tho… I sign in to my google account using Hotmail. Dunno how??

  9. If all else fails, Lucy, I’ll happy upload your files into my webspace and just give you the URL to link to. Nothing… can… go… wrong. šŸ˜‰

  10. Cheers Jase, but think I am actually getting to the bottom of this google pages lark, YAY! Thanks for the offer tho, v kind x

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