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Logline Comp – Reminder

Hey all, just to say you’ve got until Monday to get those loglines in… Only had about 10 so far, so don’t give those who’ve entered a free run, get yours in TODAY! ; )

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Compose a logline of 25 words or less (no excuses!) (Please note – no synopses this time).

2) Pick ONE of the following 5 Christmassy-type themes as the “focus” or backdrop of your pitch:

i) A long journey
ii) Crackers
iii) A child is born
iv) Confrontations and Revelations
v) Starlight

Your pitch can be for a feature, TV series, short – whatever. It’s up to you! But let me know.

3) Send your pitch to me on the usual address Bang2write”at”aol”dot”com BUT please do the following:

i) include the word LOGLINE in capitals in your email subject heading
ii) Please put your name (or nickname if you prefer), genre, format (feature/short, etc) AND theme responded to with your pitch in the email itself.
iii) You can leave a logline in the comments section of this post if you like, but remember to leave a link or your contact details.

There’s even PRIZES this time! Original contest post and full details here.

Come on, what have you got to lose???

UPDATE 16/12: I’m like, well-busy this week, man. Forget tomorrow’s deadline, you can have until Wednesday 19th Dec, I’ll post ’em on Thursday, maybe even Friday. Am I great? Of course. Will I get more loglines this way? Let’s hope so, or I’LL KILL YOU ALL VIA THE MEDIUM OF THE INTERNET. I didn’t just learn about podcasting and IPTV at that conference last week you know… ; )

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4 thoughts on “Logline Comp – Reminder”

  1. Okay, here goes, it’s a four page short.

    Santa’s Sack

    When a depressed Santa and Mrs Claus face sexual dysfunction difficulties they turn to renowned LA plastic surgeon, Dr Biggar Knobs, to help out Santa and save Xmas. Will Santa get his hole in time to pop down some chimneys?


    P.S. Lucy begged me, and I do mean, begged me, to enter. The competition, you filthy minded fools.

    Knowing her tendencies, I submit the above log. Lucy, I’m in LA over Christmas but you know how to reach me.

  2. Ha ha!

    If I had a quid for every female/gay male writer who’s confessed to harbouring fantasies about me, I’d have just under a tenner.


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