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Bang2write is going to be part of The British Library!

Yes, you read that right. Despite the insults, threats, vulgarity, swearing, double entendres, slightly arthouse moments and general sauciness on this blog (which I supect is the reason I was removed from The BBC Writers’ Room Blogroll? Hmmmmm? Censored!!!), apparently Write Here, Write Now has been designated a “key site” and will soon be archived in its modern blogs collection for internet research on scriptwriting. It’s not there yet, they’re moving to a “more performant crawler” (that makes me think of a centipede in running shoes and shorts for some reason) but it soon will be, my little pretties. Check out the collection as it’s updated here.

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5 thoughts on “Archived!”

  1. Oh. Dear. God.

    Does that mean we start having to make snarky asides to those fudders who do stuffy old books but not zingy films? And find more literate turns of phrase than simply calling them chob lobbers, cracksnackers and the like?

    Pah, I’m finding myself getting removed from blogrolls. All I can say is that the gutless snork snarflers… er, are just that: big girly boys and Boise girls. Not that I’ve got anything against people from Idaho.

  2. Thanks guys! I know a couple of other bloggers were asked to, so let’s hope they join up so The Scribosphere can take over…

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