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16 Easy Ways To Unlock Your Creativity

Spark Your Passion

Lots of Bang2writers have told me lately their creativity has taken a dive during lockdown. With so much upheaval and uncertainty in our lives right now, it’s no surprise. This is why I’ve designated this week ‘Passion Week’ across the B2W network. Uber-author and 21 time NYT bestseller Jerry Jenkins kicked us off with How To Rekindle Your Passion for Writing.

Now, Expert Editor have got in touch with a great infographic with 16 ways to spark your passion for writing again. I love their idea of ‘creative exercise’ for your brain. Make sure you check it out after the jump. Enjoy!

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Unlock Your Creativity

Quick question: what do the Percy Jackson novels, the iPhone, Michelangelo, the invention of the wheel, and your child’s macaroni artwork all have in common?


Creativity is that ingenious knack to tackle a problem from a novel viewpoint. It’s that uncanny ability to develop something almost out of thin air.

It seems like magic, doesn’t it?

I’m here to tell you: it’s not.

It’s human and it’s definitely not innate.

Creativity isn’t some “you have it or you don’t” quality. It’s simply an ability to think critically, solve problems uniquely, and build systems from the ground up.

It’s a skill, just like anything else.

And like anything else, it can be taught. It can be learned. And it can be trained.

There is no gate keeping out “creatives” from “non-creatives.” It’s an open-ended exploration to build up your brain to its creative potential. Call it creative exercise.

And like exercise, your brain needs it. Daily!

But how do you train your brain? Step by step!

The Expert Editor have created a science-based infographic that teaches you how to boost creativity.

You’ll learn:

  • Shining examples of creative genius

  • Creative Careers for the 21st century

  • 16 easy ways to unleash your creativity.

These easily-implementable hacks are simple steps you can do to boost your creativity. Give it a try! Add an easy habit into your routine to unleash your hidden genius.

Check out the infographic below to unlock your own creativity. Enjoy!

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