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Okay: which one of you b******* has stolen my sitemeter???

I left it under my archive. It’s not there any more.

Just bring it back and we’ll say no more about it…

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10 thoughts on “Stolen”


    Sorry, that was the wrong thing to say wasn’t it

    IT WAS ME WHO STOLE YOUR SITE METER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You ARE there ghostly sitemeter, I’ve just checked in my template and your code is there yet your little icon has turned invisible on the blog itself! Are you magic? If so, please tell me the future and the outcome of this blasted house sale…

  3. Hi Lucy

    I sent you an e-mail two days ago asking about a price … I realise you may be busy but, did you get it?

    (Sending an e-mail to find out whether you got the previous e-mail is potentially silly.)

  4. Hi Steve. I’m sorry, I didn’t get your email. Bloody AOL. Try this email instead: bang2write”at”hotmail”dot”co”dot”uk. Apologies for the inconvenience!

  5. Pah, technorati’s stupid. I’ve got 13 reactions and an authority of nine. How does that work?

    (Rob stomps out – muttering)

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