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Is the social still on for July 21st, Martin asks in the comments section of the previous post.


Dunno ‘bowt anyone else, but for me, these last two weeks have been rubbish! Just endless torrents of work, cleaning, losing house buyers and getting rejected (which presumably I am again since I’ve heard nowt from The Royal Tapes! How many times can the BBC reject one person? Well, in the last two years, including the Writers’ Room, try 19 times! I will get through that door. Oh yes. And then Auntie will be sorry!!!).

So. It’s you lot and me, down the pub, Saturday July 21st, for a much-needed knees-up. You’re buying your own, but chatter and networking is free. What more can you want?

Except a venue, of course. Where the hell are we going? Suggestions in the comments section please.

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19 thoughts on “Scribosocial”

  1. Nuts. Commiserations, all. Think I might turn my radio play into a full-lengther, though. Any ideas how long your average play is? I heard 25 mins. Anyone know if that’s true??

    As for times and place – apparently it will be sunny on July 21st. How about that nice place in Camden with the decking out near the lock? A beer at 4pm in the sun would be fun…There shouldn’t be any music this time, hopefully… Too old for all that loud stuff!

    Or – how about Punch and Judy in Covent Garden? It’s nice there.


    Run out of places. I normally sit in Reef in Paddington all day, you can usually see me on the mezzanine every 4th saturday, all day… I’m doubting anyone else fancies it tho???

  2. I seem to recall GD mentioning Marylebone – there are a few nice pubs in that area, it’s near Regent’s park and not too far from Paddington. But maybe I shouldn’t be making suggestions since I don’t know if I’m able to go yet! Very partial to an early evening drink in the sun though….

  3. GD’s been a very bad dog of late Lianne, so he’s BARRED! ; )

    Ah yes, beer in the evening sun… Makes you feel quite peaceful. And that’s a first for me, I can tell you.

  4. The Punch & Judy in Covent Garden? On a Saturday in the Summer? Oh, good grief.

    Which option do you want, a pub that you can sit and talk in or one full of bloody numpty tourists jabbing their sodding rucksacks in your kidneys? And there’s always music so loud your eardrums explode.

    Anyway, what have I done that’s bad?

    Having a drink with Bill Martell and some of the boys so I’ll see if that pub is a good one for the lot of you to go to. All part of the service.

  5. Most BBC radio plays are 45 minutes [e.g. The Afternoon Play], which equates to 43 minutes in reality. There are 60 minute slots, and also some 15 minute [i.e. 13 minutes] slots, but the 15-minuters tend to be themed or inter-related in some way.

  6. Ah, mentioning The Gold Spike. That was a…. joke. I could have just as easily suggested Pat O’Brien’s or Sloppy Joes.

    I don’t know…

  7. Hey all, finding it hard to touch base on a regular basis at the mo, so someone just gimme the nod when and where and I’ll wipe off the baby sick and endeavour to be p*ssed in a wink of a bat’s eye…ta 😉 x

  8. Hey Lara. Can’t you cope with babies and bloggin?? wimp! 😉

    Since we’ve had more than one vote for Covent Garden, I reckon we should go there. Let’s all meet at…4pm???

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