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The Results Are In…

I know you’re slavering with anticipation, so I’ll just get on with it…

We have two winners of the pitch/synopsis category: Killer Looks by HRH Anne of Cleves and Broken Bird by Laura Anderson! Well done laydeez. Honourable mentions (in no particular order) go to the writers of Penny Dreadful, Eclipse, The Life You Make, Elizabeth Taylor Man, Givin’ It The Bird, Silent Screen Lover, Raging Gurrl, The Fearless and The Vampire Apocalypse Articles.

And in the logline category, we have a clear winner with Bollywood Thrills by Niraj Kapur, followed by Dominic Carver’s Shotguns and Incontinence Pants, with David Bishop in third with his Trial and Error. Well done to the writers of Rehab, The Harvest, The Untitled B Movie (!), Family Wedding, Burnfield, The Pact and Guardian Devil, too.

Commiserations to those people who didn’t score: don’t let it get you down. It is worth remembering that sometimes a subject matter just might not appeal, rather than your actual logline/synopsis. However, I think this has proved a really interesting exercise for all involved and a definite learning curve. Let’s do it again! But not for a while. Busy-busy laydeez and gents. My people will call your people. Ciao.

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11 thoughts on “The Results Are In…”

  1. I’m quite ashamed of how many times I checked the poll! Now I’m free, free, I tell you!
    Thanks for organising this Lucy.

  2. I got a little obsessive-compulsive about it and I didn’t get any bloody votes! Paul (The Artiste) is crowing cos he got one though, I’m making dinner, argh!!

  3. Yeah, but I didn’t get any feedback Elinor. Mind you, that fact alone should probably tell me something. If they’re not interested, they’re not interested. Fair enough!


  4. Lucy –

    The feedback alone makes this contest worth the effort -I rewrote my pitches just for you and now I have even more work to do.

    Not that my opinion is sought or at all important, but let’s check out Girl Charlie’s entry and give her feedback. What’s the link?
    If anone else wants to get some pointers, maybe they can let you know and we’ll swarm over to (hopefully) help…?

    (feeling a bit better even though Henry kicked me out on me arse)

  5. Charlie,

    A DOG’S LIFE (Comedy). 4 teens borrow a car to go on their first holiday together and end up knocking down a dog [Short].

    I didn’t comment because it’s a short and you can do what you want with a short really.

    I think it’s fine as it is. You’ve got people having fun and then something bad happens. The dog could die and it could affect one of them more than the others. It could be beautiful and poignant and forces them to think about death just when they are about to have fun and to make the most out their life, etc

    It would also work with more complications and conflicts. The car is damaged, it’s not theirs; the dog is alive but wounded but they can’t take it to the vet because they’d miss their ferry, they argue about this. They decide to drive on but the owner of the dog has seen them and chases after them for a confrontation.

    I hate dogs so, for me, it would also work as a comedy.

    Anya, if I had two votes I would have voted for you, honest. If you need a sounding board for BE MINE, let me know.

  6. Charlie who's a girl

    Wow, thanks Robin! I feel dead up now. You’re right: you can do whatever you want with shorts, so I will.

    P.S I can’t stand dogs either

  7. Why I’m having this thought now and not when the pitch fest was on, I don’t know but re: Charlie’s short, why not structure it totally from the dog’s point of view. That might lend itself to the freewheeling nature of the short format.

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