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Only one word for it: nut wranglers.

Ok, two. At least I won’t have to kill Andy though, since I won’t be seeing him there… There is a silver lining after all.

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16 thoughts on “Rejected”

  1. Ditto. Goodness, is rejection always this difficult? I’m a new writer and new at this – it was my first pitch competition, but it does sting to be rejected.

    At least I’m in good company.

  2. Cheers Guys.

    Oh David – don’t! I’m fanatical checking my email and snail mail – they send END OF JUNE AT THE EARLIEST so I’m panic-struck every time I hear something come through the letterbox or into my inbox. NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS WITH THE BEEB. P.S. Did you not enter Fever Pitch then? Or did you get thru??

    Pillock and AnneofCleves (nice name btw): we had a 1 in 60 chance, so 59 others out of each “chunk” feels the same way as us. For each of the ten that get through, I wish you syphillis… I mean best of luck! ; )

  3. Commiserations on the Fever Pitch Lucy et al. Hope the beeb (and the flat) bring better news.

    Just think of the winners having to pitch in front of a ‘live festival audience’ (ie everyone), and try to schedule something relaxing and stress free at the time they’re enduring this torture. 😉

  4. Hi Lucy! (first time writing but I read your blog everyday!) My sincere condolences on the rejection, but I bet your Reject slip/email collection isn’t as big as mine! Good luck with the Beeb, but please carry on blogging even when you’re rich and famous as your blog is informative and encouraging for us newbies!
    regards, Sheikspear

  5. Condolences, Lucy. Shame you won’t be there – I was looking forward to actually meeting you this time. (I didn’t enter – I can handle the idea of pitching, but not the idea of pitching in front of an audience or, even worse, in front of cameras.)

  6. Comiserations Lucy. At least you entered it, not like some of us who couldn’t get our asses in gear (I’m talking about me here.) There’s the writers academy, Royal Tapes, and Danny Stack’s mysterious scheme that David alluded to…

    annofcleves – Rejection’s not the worst thing about it, as far as I can tell. It’s waiting, knowing that most of what you’ve sent out will get rejected. The plus side is that when something positive does happen, no matter how small, it’s f***ing awesome.

  7. THANKS GUYS! Much love to everyone, MWAH! Except Dominic, in case you’ve won – and in which case I will HUNT YOU DOWN… I mean congratulate you! ; )

  8. Let me qualify that…

    When I met her, she didn’t murder me despite extreme provocation!

    In fact she was down right nice, polite and an altogether pleasent person to have a drink with.


    She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she.

    *legs it, without looking back.*


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