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Royal Tapes: Power of 3 Alert

Hi Peeps, it’s that time again where you have the opportunity to extract your revenge and tear MY work to bits. It’s a radio play for The Royal Tapes, something I’ve never attempted before, so anyone who has written for this medium (in the so-called real world, or at uni) is especially welcome, but to be honest anyone can read it since I have no idea what I’m doing here. Only stipulation: gotta have it back ASAP please, since it’s gotta be in next Friday at the latest. As always, email or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

While we’re waiting, here are some more Google searches. Since writing about Naked Men and Talking Dirty (in the most innocent of ways! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it), I’ve shot myself in the foot it would seem and opened up this blog to every cyber-perv going. Bring it on.

Ten naked men
Naked men with gloves on
Adrian naked
(though whether the Googler was looking for Adrian Mead in the buff is unconfirmed)
Examples of talking dirty to men
Scripts for talking dirty

Max and Lucy stationary
Q&A for the Blackpool Tower
Werewolf sex

And my personal fave:

Witch book of Hex

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15 thoughts on “Royal Tapes: Power of 3 Alert”

  1. I would happily read it and tell you to lose the murder and the dozen sex scenes, but I don’t have a radio sensibility. Don’t listen to it, see…

  2. GD – you don’t have to, you know!! ; )

    Jason – so is that a yes or a no??? And there’s no murder or sex scenes. We only have 3 mins you know. What do you get upto in the ad break of Corrie ffs???

  3. Well, it WAS a no, because I doubt my critical faculties re: radio. But if you still need a third Power-Person, then I’ll gladly do it.

    In the ad break of Corrie, I’m doing exactly the same as I do during Corrie itself: not watching ITV1. 😉

  4. Well that makes two of us Jase, so I’ll send it over…

    P.S. How can you not love Corrie?! You are so off my Xmas card list!

  5. I’ll be happy to read your entry, Lucy. I’ve just finished mine and will send it in by snail-mail tomorrow, so I’ll be fascinated to see how you’ve tackled the brief.

  6. If you’re doing the full POT thing, then I’ll be happy to be part of the second round. Shouldn’t take long to read after all. I’ve already e-mailed mine, so I can’t even steal your idea…

  7. MQ – your wife sounds like my kinda woman!

    Boys – okey doke, you can be part of Round 2 if you’re still up for it, just gotta hear on one more person’s POV, then it’s all yours.
    Tho Dan – checked out ur profile, couldn’t find an email address???

  8. Apologies Lucy, appreciate you highlighting my novice blogger status so swiftly, I’ve now updated my profile with an email.

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