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Anything They Can Do…

…We can do better!!!

That’s right. Been rejected from Fever Pitch?? Worry not.

We’re having our own pitching session. Right here, on er… Write Now.

Anyone can enter! That includes my lovely American Readers and those people who’ve been reading my blog in Turkish last week. Anyone!

Here’s the deal:

1) Post your logline and pitch on your own blog and send me the link or, if you have no blog, put it on a google/webhosting page and email its link to me OR if you have no knowledge of how to do this, send me your pitch/synopsis and I’ll put it on a google page and link it here (but pls only as a last resort! Hopefully we’re going to get a lot of pitches!)

2) I will post the full list of links on Wednesday, July 4th so we can pitch worldwide at the same time as those Fever Pitch Finalists.

DON’T FORGET – tell me your full (real) name, your location, the title of the script and its genre when you email me. I will post a full list of the loglines on this blog, providing a link to your 150 word synopsis on your own blog/google page. I will also put a poll here and peeps can vote whose they like best.

There are no prizes except our undying respect to the winner, sadly – but online pitching is better than putting your prized idea back in some folder on your desktop ladeez and gents. And if you didn’t enter, here is your chance to wow us with your faberoonie idea and *maybe* attract the eye of some rogue surfer producer… Could happen!

Same rules apply as Fever Pitch: 25 words for the pitch, 150 words for the synopsis.


Go on – you know you want to!

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20 thoughts on “Anything They Can Do…”

  1. Argh, I may have created monsters! Nah, go on… I’ll link to as many as you like Anne of Cleves as long as you understand space may become a premium, so how many actual loglines per contestant I post depends on how many want to enter…

  2. Monsters? Oh I know a little about monsters. Now, Henry, HE was a monster! That bastard nearly took my head…while I was still using it!

    But alright, I’ll sacrifice if I must, and limit myself to one, just one, if you need room.

    You are most fair, dear Lucy.

    (I’ll bet you get many, many entries)

  3. Men, hey Anne. They marry you, get you into bed… Then try and chop your head off.

    As for getting many entries – here’s hoping!

  4. Ok, in honor of this contest, I now have a new Blog up and running.
    I even have a pitch up, but I may tweak it a bit.
    Hey – what about pitch critiques for those of us that enter?
    …sure could use some pointers on writing these dang things.

  5. Elinor, I think we can come up with something snappier than Lucypalooza! ; )

    Anne of Cleves – since only 5 people have entered so far, including me, I’ll try and drop by your blog and offer YOU a few pointers!

    Come on people – you surely can’t be waiting for the deadline? You should have these pitches ready having submitted them once already… Unless you’re tweaking them half to death?? ; )

  6. Hello again. Monumentous news, I’m no longer blogless!! I have succumbed to the constant bullying and cries of “join us…”

    Hopefully the blue underline-y thing’ll links to the blog, so pop over, Lucy and everyone, and I’ll post my entry for lucypalooza in the next few days.

  7. This sounds like fun.

    I didn’t think i could pick a concept & come up with a synopsis to meet the deadline, but I did it.

    Wrote a synopsis this morning. I’ll post pitch and synopsis on my blog later today. Have to do a little trimming.



  8. Azma – it can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE. Feature, TV, short, any genre – hit us baby!

    Martin – as I said, you will always be Blogless Martin to me. I rmbr the days… >HIC< Laura: welcome! Will collect everyone’s links, reckon we’re oin the teens now, plenty more to come hopefully after saturday WOOOH!

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