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Hey Writers: Here’s Why You Haven’t Scored Representation Yet

  • April 24, 2022May 10, 2022

Looking for Representation? There’s something that’s #1 on most writers’ wishlist: representation. The search term ‘how to get an agent‘ brings hundreds, if not thousands of writers to this blog every single month. It’s not difficult to see why. Gaining representation FEELS like the ultimate validation for a writer. After all, your screenplay or novel MUST be *good* if someone is willing to stand up and try and sell it, right? It’s also arguably better to have representation than not … Even though B2W is the first to say not every writer needs an agent, having representation can mean certain… Read More »Hey Writers: Here’s Why You Haven’t Scored Representation Yet

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Are You Suffering From Feedback Trauma?

  • February 28, 2022February 28, 2022

On Feedback Trauma Are you suffering from feedback trauma? I don’t just mean hurting over bad reviews, but an experience so awful you feel like a ‘bad’ writer beyond redemption. These traumatic feedback experiences may include but aren’t limited to … Vitriolic feedback and script reports from paid-for readers and contests Screenwriting ‘gurus’ holding up your writing as an example of what NOT to do in classes and online Industry pros shutting you down / dismissing you in pitch meetings Industry pros telling you ‘no one cares’ about subjects dear to your heart in your writing Beta readers and peer… Read More »Are You Suffering From Feedback Trauma?

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10 Top Tips About Bad Reviews

On Bad Reviews All writers suffer bad reviews. If you’ve got one or more from readers, viewers or places you’ve submitted (such as film festivals, agents, publishers, or elsewhere) you will know this heartache. You’re hurt, confused and probably can’t stop obsessing about them. Those bad reviews may be all you can think about, even at the expense of the good ones. This is NORMAL. Our stories are our babies. We’ve spent oodles of our time on them. We’ve probably made all kinds of sacrifices to get them written, submitted, published or produced. Supersadface. So how to deal with these… Read More »10 Top Tips About Bad Reviews

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5 Reasons Why I Switched from Traditional Publishing to Self-Publishing

Traditional Publishing to Self-Publishing Two years ago, I thought all my prayers had been answered after landing a traditional publishing deal for my uplifting trilogy of novels. However, upon regular bouts of pulling my hair out and eye rolls a-plenty, I quickly felt the siren call of self-publishing. I took the leap earlier this year. Why would I do such a thing? Read on . . . 1) Creative control You won’t be surprised to learn that, as an author, I am a creative beast. Emphasis on the word ‘beast’. Even though my previous publisher was a huge advocate for… Read More »5 Reasons Why I Switched from Traditional Publishing to Self-Publishing

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How To Choose An Idea To Write

  • April 19, 2021

Choices, Choices Very often writers will contact me asking how to choose ideas to write. They will say they have so many ideas, it feels impossible to pick one. I can relate to this problem. Back when I first started writing, I found it SO DIFFICULT to choose. I had notebooks and files full to the brim with ideas. I also loved all kinds of stories … from dramas and biopics and literary fiction, through to high octane thrillers and super-scary horrors. I also loved genre fiction, from crime through to feelgood women’s fiction. How did I begin?? What did… Read More »How To Choose An Idea To Write

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How To Decide Between Past and Present Tense In Your Novel

Past Vs. Present Lots of Bang2writers are writing novels these days, meaning they ask me about past and present tense. But does tense really matter? To an extent, YES it does. Put simply, a story written in the past will turn out differently to one written in the present. It’s just the way of things. This leads to some writers believing choosing tense is all about gut instinct. If that works for you, go for it. However, for many writers, deciding between past and present tense in novels can be difficult. Lots of people have strong opinions on tenses, which… Read More »How To Decide Between Past and Present Tense In Your Novel

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Playing The Long Game: 12 Movies Writers Can Learn From

  • February 8, 2021February 9, 2021

Playing The Long Game No doubt you’ve been advised to ‘play the long game’ when it comes to  making movies, but what does this mean? Well, it’s gone down in screenwriting folklore that it took writer-producer Allan Scott 30 years to get his Netflix smash hit The Queen’s Gambit made. Walter Tevis’s chess novel was published in 1983 – and Scott optioned it immediately, buying the exclusive film rights in 1993. Over the ensuing years he concentrated on trying to get a movie version made (“I won’t embarrass all the directors with whom we didn’t make the movie but I… Read More »Playing The Long Game: 12 Movies Writers Can Learn From

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7 Ways To Beat Self-Sabotage As A Writer

What Does Self-Sabotage Look Like? Self-sabotage is the enemy of writers everywhere. Whilst it might seem like the odds are against you getting anywhere in this industry, there’s actually an even bigger obstacle we need to overcome … OURSELVES! Self belief is so important as a writer. If we don’t believe in ourselves, we might as well not bother at all. I’m serious! So here’s what self-sabotage looks like, plus how to avoid it … Ready? Let’s go! 1) Not asking for help Lots of writers scorn stuff like blogging, social media, courses, groups, books or anything they believe is… Read More »7 Ways To Beat Self-Sabotage As A Writer

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Top 10 Quotes To Keep Going As A Writer

Keep Going … Or Else ‘Keep going’ is probably the top advice I offer to writers. So often writers start feeling energised and enthusiastic … but as time goes on … and the rejection piles up … they just STOP. Look, I get it. It’s effing hard to keep going when it feels like every door is slammed in your face. Plus there’s no guarantees, so it can feel easier to quit rather than bang your head against a brick wall. But this is the thing … if you stop you will NEVER get anywhere! This is why writers need… Read More »Top 10 Quotes To Keep Going As A Writer

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Oi Writers, This Is Not A ‘Real’ Publishing Deal

  • January 13, 2021December 29, 2021

Want A Traditional Publishing Deal? If you want a publishing deal, you’re not alone. Loads of Bang2writers get in touch with me, asking about how they can get that elusive publishing deal with one of the ‘Big 5’. In the UK, these are usually considered to be … Penguin/Random House Hachette Book Group Harper Collins Simon and Schuster Macmillan Obviously, different countries will have different big publishers at the top. Traditional publishing deals can also be struck with smaller independent publishers that are not the ‘Big 5’. In addition, more authors than ever before are self publishing. Myself, I’m what’s… Read More »Oi Writers, This Is Not A ‘Real’ Publishing Deal

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