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Top 10 Writers’ Resolutions for 2024 Writing Success

Your Writing Resolutions For The New Year

So 2024 is around the corner … did you achieve everything you envisaged in 2023?

I hate this question. There’s never any ‘right’ answer. If you didn’t, then it makes you feel bad. If you did, it invariably never feels ENOUGH.

This is why I choose the following 10 resolutions, year on year. The resolutions are achievable and don’t require lots of equipment, money or time. I can do them, bit by bit and add to my writing craft and career as I do so. Low stakes cumulative build-up — what’s not to like??

So, with this in mind, here’s 10 writing resolutions that might just help you get the best out of 2024. Let’s go …

1) Set Concrete Writing Goals

Define clear and achievable writing goals for the year. Whether it’s finishing a novel, publishing articles, or entering writing competitions, having specific targets will help you stay motivated. MORE: A Better Way To Set Your Writing Goals (And Achieve Them)

2) Read – and watch! –  widely

Expand your horizons by reading books from different genres and authors. Do the same by searching out TV series and movies you wouldn’t ‘normally’ watch. Reading and watching widely exposes you to different writing styles and ideas. This in turn can enhance your own writing. What’s more, there’s lots of cheap ways to do this now. Join a library, swap with friends and/or look for content that is available as part of your existing subscriptions.

3) Experiment with different writing styles

Step out of your comfort zone and explore various writing styles! There’s so much out there to try such as poetry, short stories, novellas, novels or screenplays of different lengths. Experimenting with different forms of writing can spark creativity and improve your versatility.

4) Edit and revise

Make a conscious effort to revise and polish your work before considering it finished. Editing is an essential part of the writing process that can greatly enhance the quality of your writing. Just don’t forget editing is much more than just tweaking screenplay format or fixing punctuation.

5) Submit your work

Take the leap! Submit your writing to literary magazines, publishers, or online platforms. Embrace rejection as part of the journey and keep submitting until you find success. Yes, rejection is hard but the more you get, the easier it becomes. Truly!

6) Develop a consistent writing routine that works best for you

Whether it’s early mornings, late nights, or dedicated blocks of time, it all works! Having a routine helps establish discipline and makes writing a regular habit. (Note how I don’t say ‘write every day’ — I never write every day, yet am still prolific AF!).

7) Seek inspiration from life

Draw inspiration from everyday experiences, people, and places. Keep a journal, observe the world around you, and use these observations as fodder for your writing. These small details can make your writing more authentic.

8) Remember to take breaks

Learn from my mistakes: I wrote so much my brain nearly exploded! Writing can be mentally demanding, so remember to take breaks. Engage in activities that recharge your creativity and provide relaxation, such as reading for pleasure, spending time in nature, or pursuing other hobbies.

9) Have the guts To FINISH

Too often, we don’t want to let go of projects. This is understandable – if we send them out, we may get rejected or hear our writing is not perfect. But that’s okay: rejection happens to everyone and perfection does not exist. You’ve got this!

10) Join B2W Academy!

Surround yourself with fellow writers by joining us at B2W Academy.  I’ll be sharing all my masterclasses, courses and trainings in there from now on, but it’s more than ‘just’ a course. We will be doing accountability check-ins, Q&As, panels and pitching, craft and concept checks, you name it! Even better, I’m looking for founder members right now which means you get two-thirds off the regular price and lifetime access. MORE: Join B2W Academy

Don’t forget …

… Resolutions are meant to be personal and adaptable to your own writing journey. Choose the resolutions that resonate with you and best align with your goals as a writer. Forget about the ones that don’t.

Good Luck!

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