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Top 5 Copyright Mistakes Writers Make

All About Copyright When it comes to copyright and intellectual property rights and laws, writers are often misinformed by urban legends. Their focus is often in the wrong place. Writing is not an easy job. It takes so much time, effort and energy to complete a novel or screenplay … So why aren’t writers ensuring they know their rights on copyright? 1) Thinking that ideas can be copyrighted Writers often get very suspicious about sharing the idea they are working on. They think that if they do someone will steal their idea and write the script they intended to write.… Read More »Top 5 Copyright Mistakes Writers Make

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Top 10 Legal Questions For Writers

Legal Eagles I’ve had loads of legal questions lately from the Bang2writers, so I thought it would be a good idea to round them all up here for everyone. So if you have a burning legal question, check out the below! Before I begin though, a quick disclaimer … DO remember B2W is not a lawyer or legal expert!! The below is based only my own experiences and the various deals and situations I’ve seen going round the writing block. If you require legal advice, then speak to a real expert ASAP. Let’s go … 1) What is an option… Read More »Top 10 Legal Questions For Writers

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Better Safe Than Sued: 5 Legal Tips For Writers

Essential Legal Tips Did you know that writing can be a legal minefield? While you can get away with a lot under ‘fair use’, there’s still a limit to what you can legally do as a writer. There are some areas where you might end up coming unstuck if you’re not careful.Try to avoid any mistakes by keeping these five legal tips in mind while you work: 1) Copyright is important! (But probably not the way writers think) A lot of the time, especially in this digital age, writers have no idea how copyright works. They don’t necessarily understand, for… Read More »Better Safe Than Sued: 5 Legal Tips For Writers

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6 Things Olivia Hetreed Can Teach New Writers

A fantastic post from KT Parker again, this time about top screenwriter Olivia Hetreed. B2W was privileged to do a script report on Olivia’s screenplay for WUTHERING HEIGHTS many moons ago (find out what other produced films I have done coverage for or consulted on, HERE). Olivia is a writer who really knows what she’s talking about craft-wise, but she also has some particularly good advice on go-getting for female writers too. Enjoy … For most of us, Olivia Hetreed will have first come onto our radar when she was BAFTA-nominated for her screenplay of Tracy Chevalier’s best-selling “Girl With… Read More »6 Things Olivia Hetreed Can Teach New Writers

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What Is The Difference Between an NDA and a Release Form?

NDA versus Release Form A couple of Bang2writers messaged me yesterday via email and FB chat, asking about the difference between an NDA and a release form. I thought it might be of use to repeat it here for anyone else who might be wondering. What is an NDA? NDA stands for “non disclosure agreement”. This is something PRODUCTION COMPANIES may send out with its scripts to readers like me. This is not because they are afraid *I* will steal their script, though. It is because they are afraid rival companies will get the heads-up on their project. NDAs usually… Read More »What Is The Difference Between an NDA and a Release Form?

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