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If You Don’t Buy This… YOU’RE UGLY

That’s right my friends… the new issue of Moviescope is out and contains a supreme focus on hallowed Ugly One HELLBOY II, not to mention a plethora of other scriptwriting and moviemaking goodness including a look at plotting and character by some sort of script reader type from the Sarf of England or summat – oh goodness, that’ll be ME! When the lovely Liz and Eric asked me to write something for Moviescope, I was LIKE WELL THRILLED, INNIT. Moviescope is a great magazine so the chance to appear on its lovely, glossy, strokable pages (I’ve said too much!) was… Read More »If You Don’t Buy This… YOU’RE UGLY

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Check This Out

Terence at British film Magazine has been in touch, which is an online magazine about – you guessed it – British Film. It’s a great FREE site, with loads of info and great sections on short film, indie film, filmmaking and interviews including screenwriter fave of mine Julian Fellowes! You can sign up for a newsletter too to alert you to new content. Always good in my book. Oh and did I mention it’s all FREE???? Click here to go to the site.

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The New Face Of Scriptwriter Magazine

Is there anyone who DOESN’T know that as of today, Scriptwriter Magazine relaunches as an online mag, TwelvePoint? Well if you didn’t, get over there now – £29 gets you a year’s subscription to not only a bunch of lovely articles, but use of a forum, an “ask the agent” facility and all sorts! What are you waiting for??? But if you need a little more encouragement, you might just find an article on genre called “Expectation & Surprise” there by a gloriously talented female screenwriter who insists on keeping her light under a bushel, so I’ve had to out… Read More »The New Face Of Scriptwriter Magazine

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3 Things: Moviescope, Short Stories and Flash Games Wanted!

The lovely Liz at Moviescope Magazine reminds us that their latest issue is out now! Devoted to the latest Indiana Jones movie, there’s an interview with screenwriter David Koepp. I’ve yet to see the movie, but I will be particularly interested since I’m normally a big fan of Koepp, yet I’m reading conflicting reports of the movie’s narrative success (see Scott the Reader’s “B – recommendation” here and Billy Mernit’s “What were they thinking??” disappointment here). In addition there is a look at Dramatic Decisions, the essence of theme and a case study on Frank Marshall’s collaborations with Spielberg. Thanks… Read More »3 Things: Moviescope, Short Stories and Flash Games Wanted!

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