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3 Things: Moviescope, Short Stories and Flash Games Wanted!

The lovely Liz at Moviescope Magazine reminds us that their latest issue is out now! Devoted to the latest Indiana Jones movie, there’s an interview with screenwriter David Koepp. I’ve yet to see the movie, but I will be particularly interested since I’m normally a big fan of Koepp, yet I’m reading conflicting reports of the movie’s narrative success (see Scott the Reader’s “B – recommendation” here and Billy Mernit’s “What were they thinking??” disappointment here). In addition there is a look at Dramatic Decisions, the essence of theme and a case study on Frank Marshall’s collaborations with Spielberg. Thanks Liz!


Thanks to SWW Magazine for contacting me with details of this opportunity… This could be good for those of you with short genre stories “hanging around” on your desktop… $25 might be a token fee, especially for those in the UK with the exchange rate the way it is, but it’s better than a slap in the face with a wet herring and if you’ve written the story anyway, it’s nice to see your name up online – something for the CV perhaps? Let me know if you submit and get accepted!


Submission Guidelines

Submit to: with the name of your story in the subject heading.

Horror, Fantasy, & Sci Fi, and all things Paranormal. My personal editorial tastes tend to lean towards less hack and slash and more building of tension through good plotting and character development. I don’t want to see what’s been done a hundred times already. Be original at all cost. Everything, living or inanimate, has a story to tell, and if you tell your tale well, a reader will believe anything. A good story, no matter how “out there,” should always ring true.

Each submission must be 2500 to 15,000 words and must be submitted within the open submission period, via email, as a Word attachment. Any stories submitted after the open submission period will not be read. No exceptions will be made for word count or submission deadline.

No multiple or simultaneous submissions.

All contracts for accepted material must be signed and returned before publication date.

Not got anything ready for June 16th? Please note further submission deadlines:

Fall ’08 Submit Aug 16th – Sep 16th for October 1st Publication

Winter ’09 Submit Nov 16th – Dec 16th for January 1st Publication

Spring ’09 Submit Feb 16th – Mar 16th for April 1st Publication

Summer ’09 Submit May 16th – Jun 16th for July 1st Publication

Writers can submit artwork to accompany their short stories. All other artwork should be queried before being submitted please.

Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine pays a flat rate of $25 per story for 1st electronic publication rights which will include, pdf. and web posting of any kind. Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine also reserves the right to use purchased material in a print collection, with a generous portion of any proceeds being shared with the writer. Electronic publication rights shall be returned to the writer 1 year after publication date.


I know a lot you out there in are into gaming and even making your own games… Devang of has emailed to tell us about his new venture:

Doof is all about playing online games, making friends and having fun. Fusing together casual gaming and social networking, Doof provides a true Web 2.0 Social Gaming Experience. We’re a small team based in London. Click here for a brief but more in depth overview of what we do.

Flash game developers can also submit their work to us from our developers page.

Play games online
As everyone knows here, I know NOTHING about games or making them – so if you go for this opportunity and get your game up on Doof, let us know all about it ‘cos I’d love to hear more.

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4 thoughts on “3 Things: Moviescope, Short Stories and Flash Games Wanted!”

  1. Hello! Unrelated question (sorry!) but do you (or does anyone) know the best way to show a chatroom conversation in a script? (Apart, that is from, DON’T)? Seem to remember seeing something about this in a post but could be wrong… I started off showing it the way you would printed text, but this didn’t allow for the onscreen names people have in chats. Any ideas…?

  2. Don’t worry John. I don’t remember covering this, so why not?

    I would probably write an IM convo like this –


    SEXYGIRL68 – So how do we write instand msg conversations in scripts?

    SCRPTRDR99 – why you asking me?

    Seems alright to me. I wouldn’t recommend doing it for long – half a page max.

    Anyone else have any other ideas?

  3. Thanks Lucy. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. And, yeah, trying to limit it too. Could get pretty boring… Thanks again.

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