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The New Face Of Scriptwriter Magazine

Is there anyone who DOESN’T know that as of today, Scriptwriter Magazine relaunches as an online mag, TwelvePoint? Well if you didn’t, get over there now – £29 gets you a year’s subscription to not only a bunch of lovely articles, but use of a forum, an “ask the agent” facility and all sorts! What are you waiting for???

But if you need a little more encouragement, you might just find an article on genre called “Expectation & Surprise” there by a gloriously talented female screenwriter who insists on keeping her light under a bushel, so I’ve had to out her here. Oh wait a minute – it’s me. Well anyway: you might like it, go and subscribe and read it now please. Or I may just have to kill bunnies again.

UPDATE: Here is a link provided by the marvellous Andy Conway on today’s Shooting People bulletin for a ten day free trial of Twelve Point.

FURTHER UPDATE: Anyone know how I can reset my damn blog clock (ie. tell me where it is for starters!) so it’s right when I update at 7ish and doesn’t read as the previous day??? Any thoughts appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “The New Face Of Scriptwriter Magazine”

  1. To change the post time, go to Edit posts, go to this post, and click POST OPTIONS below the area where you write the body.

  2. Also, if you got to Edit posts, Settings, Formatting, you can make sure that the Time Zone is set to GMT (or BST or whatever) which means that the time will always be right without you having to change it for each post.

  3. Good article. And its the top of the page too. Does that count as being a headliner?

    I really do need to get a good horror piece under my belt. I watch enough of it.

    I’ve been waiting for Gorno to die a slow and painful death first but it just keeps limping along.

    Time for a good old ghost story I think. Lots of suspense and no idiots following trails of blood into unlit cellars.

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