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My Thoughts On The Final 50 of “50 Kisses”

It was always going to be difficult, honing a list of 1800+ scripts down to just 50. It wasn’t just a case of picking only the “best” writing either, but balancing the “best” with the “right” subject matter too – we didn’t want 50 smoochy-smoochy scripts, or 50 outlandish ones either. The reading team needed to keep that end outcome in mind of “50 Kisses – the movie” as well! NOT easy. And I for one think the reading team did a fantastic job again. I wasn’t able to head the team this year because of other work commitments, but… Read More »My Thoughts On The Final 50 of “50 Kisses”

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Two Things: Media Parents Meets Tiger Aspect & Free Screenwriting E-Book

MEDIA PARENTS EVENT First off, top gal Amy Walker of Media Parents has been in touch to let Bang2writers know about her new event, Tiger Aspect Meets Media Parents. Media Parents took part in one of my sessions at London Screenwriters Festival, with media veterans and parents TV writer Marc Pye and director Rebecca Gatward. I think Media Parents is a brilliant initiative and Amy works tirelessly to connect people with the industry. Check it out now. Tiger Aspect is a GIANT of the industry and I for one think it’s really exciting they want to meet and become involved… Read More »Two Things: Media Parents Meets Tiger Aspect & Free Screenwriting E-Book

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Screenplay Format – The B2W One Stop Shop

Good Format Is … … Not getting BUSTED! Screenplay format is top of the pile when work experience kids read our work (and they are!). Unfortunately, screenplay format is what they understand and latch onto. Whilst any writer can obviously do what they want, there are obvious and basic things a writer can avoid/cut/change to make sure their script is less likely to get thrown aside when it’s plucked out of the spec pile. Top 5 Format Mistakes Wondering what are the FIVE most made mistakes when it comes to screenplay format?? CLICK HERE. Free Format 1 Page Guide Download On… Read More »Screenplay Format – The B2W One Stop Shop

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Which Screenwriting Software Is The Best? (Paid-For & Free)

[Kept updated as much as possible] All About Software One question new writers always ask in the B2W Facebook group is whether they should buy screenwriting software. So hello to Michelle who asks: “I’ve heard mixed advice from everyone on the screenwriting software issue… Some advise getting it, others say there’s no need for expensive software, at least not until you’re in the thick of it. What’s your take?” Biiiig question! Ready? Let’s go … There’s lots of software choices now Some people like screenwriting software; others see it as an excuse for a company to make shedloads of cash.… Read More »Which Screenwriting Software Is The Best? (Paid-For & Free)

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I’ve Written A Screenplay. Now What?

Updated So, You’ve Written A Screenplay ‘I’ve written a screenplay, now what?’ is one of the top Google searches that leads writers to this blog. Plus Bang2writers write to me, asking me for ideas on what to do / where to send scripts they’ve written, so I thought it was time I put my thoughts on this in one place, once and for all … Enjoy!  1) Get Some Screenplay Feedback i) Getting it – do peer review You don’t have to pay for this, though you can if you want to.  Alternatively, you can do peer review aka a… Read More »I’ve Written A Screenplay. Now What?

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