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Two Things: Media Parents Meets Tiger Aspect & Free Screenwriting E-Book


First off, top gal Amy Walker of Media Parents has been in touch to let Bang2writers know about her new event, Tiger Aspect Meets Media Parents.

Media Parents took part in one of my sessions at London Screenwriters Festival, with media veterans and parents TV writer Marc Pye and director Rebecca Gatward. I think Media Parents is a brilliant initiative and Amy works tirelessly to connect people with the industry. Check it out now.

Tiger Aspect is a GIANT of the industry and I for one think it’s really exciting they want to meet and become involved with Media Parent Talent. The event is open to Media Parent subscribers only – the site welcomes all those working in the industry who have children AND those interested in working flexibly (no child required!). Check out the event on The Media Parents Blog.


Secondly, many thanks to ALL who have downloaded and let others know about my free PDF e-book, “Screenplay Tips”. I put it up on Send Space just under a week ago and have already had a whopping 214 downloads to date, with 100 of those in the first twenty four hours! Thanks also for the lovely messages and tweets about it too; I’m totally amazed by the response and very glad it’s of use to writers.

For those of you who haven’t heard about it: “Screenplay Tips” is a PDF of the blog posts I wrote last summer, which you can find online in their original form, here. I reformatted it as an e-book after several Bang2writers suggested the posts might be good to have as a reference when working off-line or using readers etc on the move. It’s just a simple 26 page PDF booklet and I’ve attempted to clean up any typos (though a couple have still snuck through, dammit! But hey, it’s free!), wrong names/titles, etc.

The posts have a strong bias towards movies – my screenwriting of choice now – though some articles have a focus on television, particularly returning drama series, but also sitcom and children’s TV. In the series I talk about screenwriting devices like reversals, montage and VO, as well as craft issues like making the best of your scene description, characterisation and dialogue. I also talk about the nature of “good” feedback, rewriting, submission and rejection.

Want “Screenplay Tips”, too? Then you can download it here.

While I’m here, don’t forget these other Bang2write Resources are available too:

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The Format 1 Stop Shop – a breakdown of all the format issues Bang2write sees on the page regularly

The Required Reading List – an e-library of the best writing-related articles on the web by various authors

The Feedback Exchange – a directory of Bang2writers interested in peer review and swapping work

Film Shorts Club – another directory of Bang2writers, this time all interested in collaborating on short film (ALL welcome)

You can also join Bang2writers on Facebook, for links, chat and opportunities now.

Happy reading/writing/peer reviewing/collaborating!

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