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7 Reminders To Cope With Non-Writers Who Just Don’t Get It

Non-Writers are THE WORST

It might be harsh and really UNfair, but it seems like many non-writers *think* they know what this writing lark is all about!

If your parents, siblings or spouse reckon you spend all your time mucking about the internet, you are NOT alone. One of the common laments I hear most often from my Bang2writers is their families don’t understand they’re WORKING when they’re on the computer, or that they’re not ‘playing’ at being writers. As if!

With this in mind then, I went searching for some fun graphics online that will get you through it the NEXT time your non-writing loved ones say bad things about your beloved writing. Let me know which is your favourite!

1) Non-Writers be like …

… ‘YEAH WHATEVER’ when it comes to your writing. Nice! Not.

But ever noticed that if you said similar to them about THEIR hopes and dreams, non-writers go every shade of BONKERS? Yet non-writers think it’s acceptable to talk about your writing this way.

Time to say, ‘No Sharon! I don’t care about what level you’ve reached on Candy Crush! Do you know why? ‘Cuz I have writing to do.’ CIAO.

2) You’re Doing Important Work

Just remember – you’re doing this to spare lives of non-writers. It’s kind of like a public service, if you think about it.

3) You Don’t Need To Explain Yourself

You’re going to write, no matter what. It’s what you do; it’s like breathing. Who cares if non-writers like your Mum would rather you pushed out 42 babies, or became a lawyer or even an extreme ironer? You’re doing what you love. Just ‘cuz Mum doesn’t get that, doesn’t mean you need to let her suck out your joy like some kind of demonic vacuum cleaner from hell.

4) Ascend To The Higher Place

So get chilled and get writing (but never lose your fire!). You can do this, whatever non-writers say. Sure, it would be better if your loved ones supported you but there ARE your fellow writers who get it. Connect with them at the B2W FB page.

5) Remember, it could be worse

So, rejection calls like it does for all writers … And non-writers might make all the right noises in terms of sympathy, or maybe they change the subject altogether. Whatever happens, you know they have NO CLUE how painful rejection is, or why you’re upset.

But, could be worse – we could all be in Gilead. Women aren’t allowed to write there and men don’t have a particularly great time either! EEEK! So, don’t let the bastards grind you down and keep moving forwards.

6) Non-Writers Aren’t All That …

… If you feel guilty about taking time to yourself to write (or telling non-writers to get lost occasionally!), don’t sweat it. It’s not like they are the most scintillating of people either. Everyone is wonderful, sure – but everyone is super-dull too, especially Sharon and her Candy Crush addiction (much as you love her). But seriously, never feel guilty for pursuing your hopes and dreams. You only get one life, after all!

7) Keep On Keeping On!

Look, no one is saying here you should be a hermit and never see anyone; or that you should be a total jerk and leave your family and other commitments in the lurch.

Okay, non-writers don’t like writers writing, for obvious reasons. It takes up too much time … Or makes us pre-occupied … Plus it’s boring to listen to us rabbit on about imaginary people. Delete as appropriate.

None of us know how much time we have. We could die tomorrow (though we probably won’t). With this in mind, what would you rather do:

  • Live your life, doing what you love?
  • Or not do it and feel miserable?

It’s not Β a hard decision. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

Oh And Remember …

Non-writers know not what they do. They don’t get the joy of creating stories and characters from NOTHING and moulding them until they’re like our friends. They’re too busy playing Candy Crush. Feel sorry for them and write on.


Good luck! And …

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8 thoughts on “7 Reminders To Cope With Non-Writers Who Just Don’t Get It”

    1. Good for you! Writers deserve to be with people who understand their writing, or people who won’t badger them about it in the very least!

  1. Someone once said to me ‘I really hope you make it.’ Meaning ‘I hope you make a squillion pounds.’ When I pointed out that writers mostly aren’t in it for the money, they were shocked.

  2. What a helpful, encouraging piece. It can be painful to listen to nonwriters talks about the success they’ve achieved either in terms of new clients, more money, or whatever. Being reminded that we’re in this for the passion and the happiness we bring to followers is what writing is all about!

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