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Top 7 Brain Boosters to Increase Focus for Better Writing

Brain Boosters

Your brain can get tired easily when you are a writer. We all know that there are many ways to deal with writer burn out and lack of focus, but one of the most effective solutions is definitely brain food.

Here are the best foods that help writers increase both creativity and focus, while also making sure to maintain a healthy body in the process:

1) Chocolate

There is hardly a person in the world who doesn’t like chocolate. You may be avoiding your favorite chocolate for health and bodyline reasons, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot use the healthy alternative to boost your mood.

Dark chocolate is known to change the mood for better and improve the cognitive function, among other things. Since it is high in cacao and antioxidants, you will only need a couple squares in a tough day to get back to your happy moods.

2) Nuts

Nuts are not only tasty, but are actually an excellent brain food for you. If you are seeking new sources of inspiration, you may want to include this food in your new brain-boost diet. Nuts are filled with nutritional goods that include folate and magnesium, both of which are great for the brain.

Peanuts and almonds are most popular when it comes to fighting writer’s block, but so are walnuts. After all, they really resemble a brain, too – it is one of the foods that resemble the body parts they are good for! It is literally the sign you needed.

3) Edamame

With origins from East Asia, the edamame has a variety of benefits for the consumer, one of them being brain boost! The magnesium in this food is great for you, so keep this snack nearby in case you experience a writer’s block.

4) Kale

This might sound like a strange choice, but it is actually an excellent one! Kale has so many benefits for the health of a person, and boosting the mood is just one of them. The magnesium levels in kale are very high. Lucky for you, kale chips is an excellent snack you can easily prepare and consume with joy.

5) Avocados

Avocados are full of folate. Consuming folate helps the writer regulate the serotonin levels and fight off fatigue. Moreover, this food contains 20 vitamins and minerals!

6) Salmon

Fresh-caught salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids that boost the gray matter in the brain. You could look at this as building your brain’s muscle (not that this is an actual thing, but it is a great comparison). If you wish to do some creative thinking for your writing tasks, omega-3 fatty acids are a great way to achieve this.

7) Milk

At first I believed that milk soothes me and that’s why I find it great when I need to work. Then I read that it is rich in choline, which apparently helps increase the clarity. Ever since I learned this, I started pouring a glass of milk every morning before I sat down in front of my computer.

Last Points:

If someone gave you the impression that it is easy to become a pro-writer, they lied or you misunderstood. There are many things you need in addition to writing skills and talent, and all of these require your dedication and will. Healthy habits bring about a healthy body.

Since your brain is a highly important part of the body, healthy body means healthy brain, too! This boosts your focus and concentration, and makes you write better. What better way towards a healthy body than through healthy nutrition?

BIO: Mark Thomson is an editor and head writer at the popular essay writing service. He adores creating content related to self-development and writing stuff. Mark is eager to share his experience and thoughts with help of guest blogging.

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