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12 Easy Steps To Beat Procrastination


Procrastination can be a huge problem for writers. Here are some easy tips and tactics from professional writers to banish this monster forever!

1) Rise up and move

You need to change your mindset so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Challenges will only prove difficult when you don’t attempt to solve them. And in this case, all you need is a change of mindset. So rise up, keep moving! Do some jogging, running, stretches or any exercise that will help you change your POV and then get to work. MORE: 7 Motivational Quotes From THE Shonda Rimes Herself

2) Set a reminder

Set daily reminders if possible as this will help you stay on the right track and remind you of the goal you set to fulfil a task. You can set reminders daily, weekly or monthly.

Also, based on what you want to achieve, you can set hourly reminders to help you manage time properly. As a writer, setting up an hourly reminder can help you achieve much before the day runs out.

3) Just start something!

Many who procrastinate are looking for ‘that’ perfect time to do something. But there is NO such thing as a perfect time to begin that task. Just start from anywhere!

4) Set realistic goals

Do not set crazy goals you cannot achieve. Set goals you know you can achieve within a certain time frame. Unrealistic goals only feed procrastination.

5) Have good night’s rest

You will become a procrastinator if you don’t rest very well. You need to rest your body properly at night, so you can have full energy to work the next day. Also, do not strain your neck or sleep in a bad position. This will only reduce your performance and give room for excuses.

6) Find inspiration

You need to find things that inspire you. Focus on them while you tackle the given task. When you always remind yourself of the reason you are working, you will have better reasons to stay inspired. MORE: Top 10 Tips For Finding Writing Inspiration

177) Quit social networks

There is time for everything. There is time to chat with friends and you can always reply to messages in your spare time. You have to quit social media and concentrate on the task at hand. Turn off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything.

8) Take breaks

You don’t have to keep on working till you become completely drained mentally and physically. Observe breaks in between tasks to re-energise.

9) Reward success

Reward yourself for tasks successfully completed. This will motivate you to always strive to achieve your targeted results.

10) Go easy on yourself

When you fail to achieve certain tasks, pick yourself up and move on. Do not be hard on yourself. Learning to forgive yourself can help to improve future results as well.

11) Know it will never be perfect

There is no such thing as perfection. Chant this to remind yourself, if necessary! Do the best you can do, then move on. Remind yourself you’re getting better all the time.

12) Know yourself!

You know yourself better than anyone, so don’t try to impress anyone. If you are setting goals, make sure they are what you can achieve. Trying to go past your limit is counterintuitive. MORE: How To Set Meaningful Goals And Stick To Them

Good luck!

BIO: Catrin Cooper is a blogger and freelance writer from New York. She’s always ready to cover topics related to personal development, marketing and education. Also, she loves traveling and yoga.

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