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Pitch Me …


Wow! London Screenwriters Festival 2012 happened … and brilliant it was, as ever. Top marks to the team and to the delegates for making it happen.

Being immersed in that pool of talent got me thinking. I heard loads of pitches during the Script Labs and the Pitchfest and I was asked several times whose work I liked and I facilitated a couple of meetings between people while I was there. This lead me to consider whether I could do this for more writers and scripts I like.

I get asked all the time about people’s work and whose I like, but of course I am generally limited to what I see via B2W and LSF … And reading for hire or for contests and initiatives, I don’t always end up reading the *types* of stories I would necessarily choose to watch myself. That’s why I started “Girls On Film” for London Screenwriters’ Festival – but looking at the submissions, it soon became clear that though there were LOTS of great writers around with fab scripts featuring female protagonists and antagonists, not least the 7 finalists, there were still quite specific things I was looking for in terms of story, structure, genre as well as characters. So I won’t be launching Girls On Film again BUT I still want to know where all the good scripts and writers are but time is also at a premium for me, so this is what I’m going to do instead:

I want your LOGLINES.

 25-60 words of story goodness, depicting your character and what s/he is up against and why. From there, if I like your logline, then I will request your One Page Pitch and first ten pages. If I like THOSE, then I’ll ask to read your whole script. After that, I’ll give you some brief feedback via email and if it’s a “Recommend” I’ll see if I can facilitate some reads or meetings for you from industry people. So:

1)    Write your logline in an email – Don’t forget your title and what it is (ie. TV or film)

2)    Send it to, subj line: B2W LOGLINE. (Please do not tweet me with it or leave it on the Facebook page or anywhere else online).

3)    Closing date for this round: Midday (GMT), Fri 30th, Nov 2012 (so you’ve got just under a month!)


  • Please make sure you check out what I am looking for AND am not looking for (below) as I have some very specific thoughts on what I’m looking for – and not looking for! Don’t waste your time!
  • I’m, looking for loglines from DEVELOPED screenplays, not first drafts. Sorry!
  • It’s free and you don’t have to use the Bang2write script reading service to access this opportunity.
  • It might lead to nothing or it might lead to something, if only a contact somewhere. You’ll either think it’s worth a try or you won’t. I have no scary agenda other than identifying which writers and scripts I like and NO, I won’t be suggesting writers pay me to get their scripts “ready for market” or anything suss like that. I’m simply trying to find scripts or writers that I can get behind.
  • Please ensure you actually have a script if you’re submitting, ‘cos if I ask for it, I’ll want it quickly, I won’t want to wait months.
  • Please send loglines in the first instance ONLY – unsolicited Scripts, One Pagers & Script Excerpts sent will be deleted unread.
  • The deadline for this is Midday, November 30th 2012.

Thanks. Any other questions, check the FAQ.

Your logline should relate to a script that is either:

  • A feature of 80-100 pages
  • A Returning Drama TV Pilot of 60 pages
  • A TV sitcom of 30 pages

If your script is not one of the above, please do not send me your logline.

Want logline tips? Then check out the Logline Bundle in The Required Reading List. Don’t panic – you’ve got plenty of time to hone those loglines.

Got a question? Please check the FAQ first before emailing me.



  • High concept stories
  • Features and TV with a strong genre identity, including cross-genres and sub-genres
  • “Man In A Box” aka Contained Thriller like BURIED, OPEN WATER or MAN ON A LEDGE
  • Political/Conspiracy Thrillers (TV or film), in the style of movies like NO WAY OUT and ENEMY OF THE STATE, preferably set in the UK
  • Horrors outside the usual groups of characters entering the Lion’s Den
  • New ways of looking at Science Fiction worlds, particularly urban Science Fiction (ie. TERMINATOR) or Science Fiction as allegory (DISTRICT 9, PROMETHEUS)


  • Female protagonists and antagonists
  • Believable Anti-Heroes/Heroines
  • Scripts with positive representations of ethnic minorities, disabled characters and sub groups like teenage parents
  • Biopics or stories featuring famous women, or the women BEHIND famous men (preferably featuring the UK as well in some way)
  • Positive representations of Teen characters and well-represented Child characters
  • Well-drawn characters in general, a step away from the “usual” (ie. Gay Best Friend, Know-It-all Kid, Zany Leader, Hardcore Hottie, Helpless Victim, etc)


  • Tightly structured genre features with a strong hook that follow the Hollywood model (but are still set in the UK)
  • True Stories, preferably feel good/”against all odds” stories (NB. about real people we can look up online)
  • Returning Drama TV pilots that follow the “story of the week” vs the serial element UK model of approximately 6-8 episodes per series
  • Traditionally structured comedies and sitcom
  • Found Footage stories
  • Mockumentary/ fake documentaries
  • Well-constructed Non-linearity with proper narrative “throughlines” (rather than flashbacks, dream sequences et al for style, think BOURNE SUPREMACY, THE CROW or SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE)
  • Intelligent, low budget creature features that have something to say about the notion of “monsters” or “aliens”
  • Siege, Invasion or Exodus stories
  • Stories about the impact of Natural Disasters on “little people”, cut off from help for some reason
  • Devastating, out of the left field hit-you-between-the-eyes endings like SE7EN or THE MIST


  • Adaptations – even if you own the rights
  • TV Serials
  • Web series
  • Biopics or stories featuring famous men
  • Personal dramas or “low concept” stories (that are not true stories)
  • “True” Stories (ie. tenuous “based on a true story” claims like WOLF CREEK)
  • Revenge Thrillers
  • Courtroom dramas
  • Stories featuring superheroes
  • Women In Peril Thrillers
  • Rape stories (even responsible rape stories, like THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER or THE ACCUSED)
  • Weepies or stories that are a downer in general
  • Comedy that draws on the much-mined dysfunctional family/odd couple scenarios
  • Surreal Comedy
  • Comedy set in flat shares
  • Horrors in the style of SAW or any other “torture porn” film
  • Cancer stories (even stories of survival against the odds)
  • Stories about depression or other psychiatric issues
  • Stories about youth offending, suicide, domestic abuse or drug addiction, including alcohol
  • Gangster films
  • Science Fiction worlds we’ve seen LOTS of times already – ie. Intergalactic space wars or exploration like in Star Wars or Star Trek; people who have evolved in some way like X MEN; Time Travellers and their companions in the style of DR WHO and TORCHWOOD.
  • Stories containing Vampires, Zombies & Werewolves
  • TWILIGHT-style love stories involving one character being “beholden” to another in some way
  • Stories containing racist or sexist stereotyping, even for comedic value or to challenge said stereotypes in some way
  • Dialogue-led scripts or scripts that emphasise dialogue for some reason (ie. Aaron Sorkin “rapid fire”-style dialogue or DAWSON CREEK-style teen speak).
Remember – I’m looking for DEVELOPED work, not first drafts please. But by all means, use the above to “kick start” *that* script you’ve been meaning to write … I’ll be doing more calls in 2013 once you’ve had chance to give it a polish!


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    1. Not a stupid question … Just not my “area”. I’m looking for scripts that are great examples of the types I read or deal with most frequently (only within the perimeters I’ve laid out), that’s all.

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