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You may have seen Studiovox’s invite over on the Bang2writers Facebook page at the beginning of the week, but if not, here it is again. Have a great weekend!

We’d like to introduce you to StudioVox – The professional social network for creative professionals – and offer Bang2Write readers a private invitation. StudioVox is built from the ground up for creative professionals. It’s not just another profile site. It’s the only social community that encompasses creatives, agencies, industry and fans on a single platform.

Whether you want to promote your work, connect and collaborate with peers, schedule events, send out press releases, or sell your material, StudioVox is the place for you. In fact, StudioVox offers unlimited image and file uploads, so you can express your creativity without restrictions. Watch the intro video here.

Head over to and enter this beta code: STVX-bang2writers. We’re excited to meet you!

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