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Writing Comedy

Are you writing a comedy feature, sitcom or TV pilot?

Then check out my post on writing comedy over at The London Screenwriters’ Festival Blog right now!!

I talk about The Simpsons, set ups, Home Alone, physical comedy, Green Wing, Just Friends, pay offs, Liar Liar, catchphrases, comedy quips, Jim Carrey, visual gags, even NCIS.

Oh yeah: and Arnie, too. (I know: WTF?)

So get over there!

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2 thoughts on “Writing Comedy”

  1. Lucy, this is fantastic. I especially love how you emphasise physical humour – I love a decent pratfall.

    How I wish I'd had your post before the Laughing Stock deadline *weeps into her tea*

  2. I know it's like, really, really old but I love "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world". When Freddie was in traction we must have watched it a dozen times and it still makes me laugh. What I like is despite the cartoon-like insanity of it, at the heart of the story is the truth that people behave really badly where money's concerned. And it does have great dialogue too. "What could happen to an old fashioned?"

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