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Redrafting & Feedback Processes

Many thanks to Bang2writer Sandra Bendelow, who has posted her thoughts on my development notes for her spec TV script, “The Book of Lost Causes”. You can see her post here:

I think it’s really fab so many writers now feel confident enough to post their reactions to feedback and talk honestly about their drafting processes. It’s incredible to see such a change in writers’ attitudes over the last decade: when I started reading, first-first drafts in the spec pile were the norm and feedback was often met with hostility. Now look at us all!!!

Don’t forget you can still join my free directort The Script Exchange and find writers to swap scripts and feedback with. Find it here:

Plus if you have any craft or format worries, there are two other free resources for you:

The Required Reading List –


The Format One Stop Shop – recently updated to include parentheticals, TV spec “teasers”, Ad breaks and more:

Happy redrafting!

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