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Kill Dave

I have many Daves and Davids in my life. It’s my husband’s name, my sister’s boyfriend’s name, a very good friend’s partner’s name, my son’s father’s name. I have a huge array of Davids and Daves as clients through Bang2write, many of my contacts are called Dave and a multitude of them pop up on this blog.

In short, I am beset with them.

But now, it seems, there is a solution. My young son, just nine years old, got told off by his stepfather and typed “kill Dave” into Google. And came up with this.

So: all the Daves and Davids – watch your backs. We have plenty of inspiration to draw from if you p*** us off… ; )

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9 thoughts on “Kill Dave”

  1. Well I killed dave all the different ways which was satisfying.

    But how long before they come up with Kill Steve? there’s a lot of us about too.


    I’ll change my name to WurtungBlip.

  2. Rave, it’s just a reflection of his biology so I am always one step ahead of him.

    Wurtungblip – do you really expect me to believe your name is STEVE??? FFS. Some people think I’m so gullible.

  3. Sorry to screw it up for you Robin!

    Elinor – it was the very first method I tried, you know me too well! Too bad I couldn’t turn into a werewolf and kill him that way as well.

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