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It’s Getting Drafty

Ever have one of those specs that just won’t behave? It’s like an eel slipping around in your grasp or a recalcitrant kitten that won’t stop scratching the back of the sofa. I’ve done six drafts in nine months of one particular little b****** yet still it refuses to BEHAVE. A whip in the form of another reader however has given it a lashing, but ultimately it is I who must step up and take control. Only I’m too busy. Damn it! But Christmas presents will not wrap themselves and I still have a veritable pile of scripts to plough through before I close down for a week over Christmas. Oh and then there’s the ironing and the small matter of feeding the family etc before they go feral. Which is a scenario coming closer by the day it would seem as my one year old BIT my nine year old approximately one hour ago like some savage yappy-type dog. Kids. Gotta love ’em, since you can’t post ’em to Glasgow.

People have been emailing asking when I’ll be posting the loglines. Probably saturday or sunday – I won’t be updating over Christmas, so it seems the perfect chance for people to view and vote on the loglines in-between sulking ‘cos of family feuds and getting the wrong present. We can work out who the winner is when I get back.

Talking of which, it seems I will be returning on January 2nd to a waiting list of people who want coverage! Okay, when I say “waiting list”, it’s three people with the foresight to know they will be working on their scripts over the hols – so it makes sense to set themselves a deadline and get some feedback in January. Very enterprising! If you want to reserve a place in my queue too, by all means go ahead. January is always a plethora of credit card and tax bills for me, so I will be reading everything I can. If you want more information about my reading first though including recommendations and a link to a post about my feedback from the Chipmeister, click here. Cheers Guys – for now…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Drafty”

  1. Yes, where would Christmas be without the violence? Only yesterday my son trundled in looking very guilty. When I enquired as to his shiftiness he confessed to putting a clothes peg on the cat (though he refused to specify where). Then he said ‘d’oh!’ as he realised he’d grassed himself up.

    Good to see you yesterday, dear. have a great Christmas.

  2. Marvellous to see you too darlink. Next time we should have longer. We can put the worlds to rights and rewrite all films ever made. Huzzah!

    Merry Xmas.

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