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Action Scripts Wanted

Well, I’m still trying to make sense of this mess and wondering where the hell ALL my clean washing could have gone (I think the husband is guilty of just shoving it back in the laundry basket again… Trouble is, where is the laundry basket???). But anyway, I know some of you out there can be described as “high octane” so figure you might be interested in the opportunity below that landed in my inbox this morning. Enjoy.

From Jeff Gund at Info List:


Richard Brandes Films Inc. (male action)

We are looking for high octane male oriented action stories in the vein of Die Hard, 16 Blocks, Walking Tall, Billy Jack, The Marine, etc. Stories with strong, no nonsense, silent but deadly type male hero lead(s) who have to over come insurmountable odds and battle tough, ruthless bad guy(s).

Budget will not exceed 20 million. WG and non-WG are welcome.

Please do not submit unless your script exactly matches these criteria.

Credits for our company include: ‘Penny Dreadful,’ ‘Out for Blood,’ ‘Watchtower,’ Teacher’s Pet and more.

1. Please go to
2. Enter your email address (you will be signing up for InkTip’s newsletter – FREE!)
3. Copy/Paste this code: 992d59sxcn
4. You will be submitting a logline and synopsis only, and you will be contacted to submit the full script only if there is interest from the production company.

IMPORTANT: Please ONLY submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for EXACTLY.

If you aren’t sure if your submission fits, please ask InkTip first. Please mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at, and please email any questions to:

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18 thoughts on “Action Scripts Wanted”

  1. Yes it’s a pretty good opportunity – only wish I had something that fit!! Good luck with it if you send something Carlo. Let us know what happens.

  2. Not to rain on the parade, but I looked this guy up on IMDB, and… none of his films has been well recieved – 5.4 is the highest rating.

    That said, he is genuinley making films, so… maybe.

  3. Interesting point you’re raising there Oli: do us scribes ONLY submit to those directors/producers et al that are “well received” by an audience? Is a director/producer who isn’t well received necessarily poor and not worth working with?

  4. Or, to put it another way, do you want your first writing credit on IMDB to get 3.4 out of 10?

    Depends how good the money is, I suppose.

  5. Hmmmm… Whilst reviews are obviously important, I don’t think they’re everything. Especially not just the one site. Besides, some people make a VERY good living writing stuff that is derided by critics, yet people dop actually want to watch even if they don’t admit it. All the ultra cheesy martial arts orientated movies of the 90s are testimony to that.

  6. I agree. IMDB is just used as an example, as it was the first movie website that came to mind, and probably the most popular.

    Badly reviewed films often do very well – the Epic/Date Movies of the world should make no money at all according to the reviews, but they do. I’m a fan of many critically derided films; I’ll defend Mortal Combat to the death (appropriately).

    I think what I’m grasping at is do you want something potentially embarrassing stuck on your CV forever?

  7. I don’t think there’s any such thing as something that’s embarrassing on your CV, personally. I know a couple of people who’ve written and re-written stuff for the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme on films that some might say are “embarrassing” – their answer would be they got paid REALLY well and got credits and more work out of it. I would never turn anything like that down, I would bite the director/producer/etc’s hand off!!!

  8. I’m with Lucy. I wish it was my Penny Deadful Jeff Gund had produced.
    Congrats on having done the move, Lucy. Husbands and laundry, never a good combination in this house either.

  9. Got back last night! It was great fun and saw a few films namely Warchild, Death Proof, Sparkle and The Bourne Ultimatum. The Metlab seminar was well-received, mainly by writers who maintained that they wanted to sell their stories but didn’t want to take criticism! Anyway you should come next year.

  10. Well done on the move, Lucy! Having just done the same a few weeks ago (albeit, I’m sure, on a much smaller scale- only a flat for me) I can empathise! Still waking up in a cold sweat muttering, “The boxes… the boxes…”

    As to the opportunity, I saw it too, and also don’t have anything suitable (curses). Still, think I’d agree that given how hard it is for writers to make a break and actually get things MADE (one of my biggest problems– I’ve had commissions but little produced) if one is a pro one should go for everything, just to try and get your foot in the door. A produced dog on your CV is still produced- and if it’s a dog because of your script, then you may deserve that stink, but if it ain’t you’ll definitely go onto better things. Having your scripts actually realised will make that more likely. I say to everyone else, go for it and good luck!

    Since this is the first time I’ve been able to get back on-line since my move (changing broadband providers, eek) I hope no one will mind me tooting my own trumpet a little.

    I *did* come down to London when the scribosocial was meant to happen, and though I didn’t go to the pub… I did get offered a feature commission. It’s squeaky tiny money, but a real proper paid-for gig, plus working with mates. It’s a vampire film.

    Also, I’ve been shortlisted for this round of 25 Words or Less. My interview was last Thursday – didn’t go great, but not a clusterfeck either – and I’m supposed to hear this week sometime so I’m all breathless and nervous, jumping every time the mobile rings! Erk.

    After two years plus writing misery and sitting on my hands I’m feeling MUCH more positive. Maybe this is the time to start my own blog?

    Peace all.

  11. Gavin: Oi you, quit pimping your ass on my blog!!! Only one round here’s who’s sposed to do that is ME! Tho got little to pimp sadly, since I’ve heard zilch from 25WOL so presumably that’s another one dead in the water. *SIGH*

    Big up to you though Gav, nice one! And well done on the vampire film, sounds fun!

  12. Ulp! I’ve committed bloggery-banditry! Now, I’m for it! Run for the hills!

    (ta for the props, though I’m sure to be cursing the name of pitches and scripts and all things writerly in a day or two when the film council phone up to crush my hopes and dreams- CRUSH THEM I SAY! CRUUUSH THEM!!!)

  13. The IMDB rating – surely if your script gets made, it’s not going to get 3.4 out of 10 purely because this guy makes it? Write a 10 out of 10 script, if he messes it up, fine, you have a credit and a great script sample.

  14. Inktip?
    You’ve got to be joking.

    Oh yes, your script is wonderful, but needs improving which we can do – for a fee.

    Any other scammers out there?

  15. I could point out Anonymous that to have accessed this opportunity all you need do is sign up for Ink Tip’s FREE newsletter which might have – shock, horror – pointed you in the direction of other FREE opportunities.

    I could also point out that actually, InkTip allows thousands of spec writers access to prodcos and individuals they might never have come across otherwise – and at $60 per listing for 6 mths, that’s not actually bad value. And I am unaware that they change anything for you, as you assert, “for a fee”.

    I could also point out that I am not paid to endorse InkTip or Info List and only post about those companies I’ve used myself and find to be helpful and pleasant.

    However instead I’m just going to insist, yet again, that whilst I’m always happy to hear alternative views, please put a name to your postings if you want to slag someone/somewhere off.

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