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Song Meme

I haven’t seen a meme doing the rounds for a while, so I thought I’d have a go at making one up.

When I hear music I like I always imagine what kind of scene in a film it could go in, so that’s going to be the focus of this meme: you have to imagine you’re in a particular kind of movie as outlined below and what your soundtrack will be.

The deal is, you have to come up with five types of film (or use these ones below if you can’t think of any) and tag five other other people. Here’s mine:

1.If I was in an 80s Brat Pack Movie: Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard (I’d be a stripper, obviously)

2.If I was in a Vampire/Werewolf/Supernatural Movie: 46 & 2 by Tool

3.If I was in a Period Drama: Likufanele by Zero 7

4.If I was in a Detective Movie: Eraser by Nine Inch Nails

5.If I was in a Hip Hop Urban Movie: The Way I Are by Timbaland

So I tag:


David Bishop


Scott The Reader

Good Dog

Non-bloggers or peeps feeling left out, leave yours in the comments section! Now I’m off to unpack yet more boxes…

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15 thoughts on “Song Meme”

  1. I hate to be a wimp of this but can I bail on this one?


    (a) I don’t really understand it.

    (b) I tend to listen to classic stuff or songs about doomed relationships gone south. (Can’t stand most new music)

    (c) Back in my basket, I’m a big girlie-boy dog.

    Bizarrely, two bits of film score I always have rattling around in my head is the final pre-end credits piece of music from Alien 3, when the facility is closed down, and the piece from The Right Stuff when the ambulance heads out across the desert to find Yeager.

    But that’s not what you asked…

  2. I must confess to not really understanding this thing neither and as my record collection is on the brink of declaring autonomy as a State within the State and I’m a little obssessive about it all, if I started I may well still be looking for the perfect piece of music for each thing well into the next century….

    …however, at the moment, I’d probably just slap Mahler, DCD, Sisters, Unkle or NIN over everything in a kind of non-specific way…

  3. Ta D and L and O, will check out your As.

    GD – you don’t understand it?? Ah, I see, this is the age thing again isn’t it. Senile Dementia though or you just ain’t hip enough to get down with us young cool cats?? please advise.

    Jon – You sound like my kinda man.

  4. Aw shucks! They say you do be catching more flies with honey! So, I’ve delved into the People’s Republic of Records and seen what I could think of… even though I’ve cheated a little…

    Modern Vampire movie
    Depeche Mode’s Waiting For The Night… ‘there is a sound in the calm, someone is coming to harm’… so uneasy, dark and deceptive… and also Primal Scream’s Shoot Speed/ Kill Light, for that rush of fresh ‘blood’ to the head feeling… and Bjork’s All Is Full Of Love, because even vampires have feelings…

    Urban Revenge movie
    DJ Shadow vs. Unkle (Live), the Lonely Soul-Guns Blazing conflation for that horrible sad empty moment when you realise your quest for revenge has proven an utterly futile and self-reflexive task…

    ‘Dust Devil’ type occult movie
    Fields Of The Nephilim’s Last Exit For The Lost to be played through to end while passing from this world to a transcendent new reality…

    Massive Attack’s Mezzanine, Portishead’s Half-day Closing, PiL’s Careering and Sisters’ Afterhours to be played interchangeably while heroically stalking many empty rain-washed streets…

    Embittered Hollywood Satire
    David Bowie’s I’m Afraid Of Americans (NIN Remix) for that losing touch with reality moment, all guns blazing, shortly before roaring off into the eclipse-set (like a sunset but… er… different; hey, it’s my movie so I can invent new astronomical phenomena)… with Winona… (again, my movie!)…

    …of course, then there’s the Manics to whom I could happily soundtrack almost anything…

  5. Just a jest… maybe I should slink back to my darkened room…

    Note to self: never poke a Good Dog ‘cos sometimes they bite. 😉

  6. Actually just remembered something: Peckinpah’s Convoy was entirely based on the eponymous song… not a good film but fun. Have there been any other song-based films?

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