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Expose Yourself

Well, it would seem the sisters are doing it for themselves… Of the eleven people who have entered our alternative Fever Pitch so far (one of them being me and one other twice!), only three are fellas! Come on guys!

Yes, yes, the deadline’s tomorrow, I know – you need to tweak, I get it.

For those of you who have just dropped by and think I’ve gone mad, I’m running my own version of Fever Pitch for all you lovely rejectees (all 590 of us! Power to the peeps!) and those of you who didn’t make the deadline. Same rules apply:

1. 25 word pitch, 150 word synopsis
2. You may make multiple entries (3 max)
3. Deadline – midnight tomorrow (June 30th)

Remember, you need to post up your entry on your own blog, a friend’s blog or website, MySpace page or get a webhosting page like Google Pages and put it up there, THEN you need to email me the link by midnight tomorrow. I’ll then put all the loglines with links to your synopses out on July 4th so we can pitch at the same time as those Fever Pitch Finalists.

As a very last resort, if you’re completely non-technical, send me your pitch and synopsis and I’ll do it – but it needs to be BEFORE midnight tmw ‘cos I’ll be way too busy beginning of next week.

Before I sign off – just a word to those few people who’ve expressed concern about pitching via the internet. If you don’t show your work to people, no one will make it: do yourself a favour and TELL THE WORLD! And for a certain chap who believes that pitching his idea may make others write scripts with the same idea and get in on his action, they’re in on your action already baby! There are so many specs doing the rounds with similar ideas, the trick is to do yours THE BEST and GET IN THERE FIRST! You know I’m right… ; )

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3 thoughts on “Expose Yourself”

  1. “For those of you who have just dropped by and think I’ve gone mad”

    What, as opposed to those who haven’t, and know it for sure? 😉

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