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News Just In

I did not make it onto the shortlist for The BBC Writers’ Academy.

Still, least I don’t have to wonder all weekend.

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14 thoughts on “News Just In”

  1. That’s the spirit, Stuart.

    I just got the dreaded email AGAIN: I opened it dry-mouthed, was I rejected by mistake?? Were they begging me to forgive them and come to the shortlisting workships?? Only to get rejected AGAIN! Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thnaks Elinor and David. And phil: well, I didn’t like to say so… ; )

    Jason – I know! But worry not about defending my scriptiness, I have a flame thrower and like Ripley I am not afraid to use it. I can just imagine, Auntie as the Queen with her little eggs… RAH!

  3. Like Elinor said, thier loss.

    A few beeb people at the SWF, so if you want me to get then all together in one car and drive them off a cliff, just say the word…

  4. Hearfelt commiserations to you, Lady Lucy. Totally their loss and obviously the most blunderous mistake ever made by the BBC…

    (Apart from not bringing back Blake’s 7)

    (And accidently rejecting Stuart &,David)

    Martin – don’t forget to jump from the speeding car, last minute, in the very nick of time,- we don’t want you going over the cliff with ’em….

  5. Actually, not sure there are any cliffs in Cheltenham…

    I was thinking of questions I could ask the delegates at the Screenwriters Festival if I get the chance, so I thought I’d throw it open to you and your loyal readers.

    Anyone got any questions they’d like to ask any of the delagates?

    (Ashley Pharoah, Stephen Frears, Tony Jordan, Chris Smith – see the festival website for a full list)

    Or any questions you’d like to ask of Industry pros in general, then post on my blog and I’ll see what I can do.

  6. I am sorry to hear this news, Lucy. If talented writers like you are getting passed over, what chance do we newbies have?
    Or is it that there are certain stories that are fashionable? I keep reading the advice: get to know what stories “they’re” looking for…not sure what that means…

  7. Thanks for your kind words everyone – and get over to Martin’s blog, that’s a great idea! nice one.

    Anne – as for knowing the stories “they’re” looking for, I think you (one) could do your own head in trying to second guess it. I think being true to yourself and your voice as a writer is the main thing that “attracts” people to stories and a certain margin is luck and that je-ne-se-quois or zeitgeist of the time… Or maybe that’s why none of my scripts have been optioned! ; )

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