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A Quick Vote

I don’t normally do this, but I’d appreciate all you lot’s POV on a dilemma I’m having.

The BBC Writers’ Academy want a writing sample submitted with the forms, etc. Only I can’t decide which to send. I’m thinking EVERYONE will send a drama spec script, so should I NOT to stand out? Or would I be a fool to not conform?? Mind melting.

Here are the choices:

HUSBAND AND FATHER, psychological drama. An immature youth must face upto his responsibilities and in turn, help his pregnant girlfriend confront her traumatic past. This script is presently at The BBC Writers’ Room, not heard back yet. It was my solicited script after they liked THY WILL BE DONE so much. I have received some good feedback about this script from Head of drama Development Lisa Osborne and from The Evening Play People, who passed it down to Belinda Campbell last year, with a view to my making an application for the Academy last year, but of course I’d just had the baby etc etc and didn’t even fill in the form on account on somebody running a car through my insides, ouch.

THY WILL BE DONE, supernatural thriller. A man loses his mind when his daughter goes missing… Or are Higher Forces at work? The Writers Room gave me some great feedback on this, as did BBC Wales. Whilst it’s not even vaguely anything to do with programmes like Casualty etc I do think it’s my best work and shows what I can do re: dialogue, arena etc. And people like it. And it might make me stand out from all the others, or may make me look like a tit.

KINGS OF THE CASTLE, family (first episode of a series). Two Twin boys leave the city when their father wins a derelict rural castle and turns it into a theme park. CBBC got back to me recently about this and they really liked it, giving me great feedback – but this is the one that someone reccommended I read bloody Robert McKee over because my dialogue “lost my story impact”, so confidence is shot to hell here, even though no one else has brought this up and I suppose it has been read by lots of others.

Which would you choose to send?

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14 thoughts on “A Quick Vote”

  1. It’s a toughie but I would say Thy Will Be Done. I don’t believe it stipulates anywhere that the submitted script needs to be drama – it just has to demonstrate all your strengths in one fell swoop.

    Good luck, hun! 😉

  2. You’ve answered your own question it seems, so go for it. Btw, the logline for Kings of the Castle opens with a tautology: “Two twins”… 🙂

  3. Omigod – Danny you’re right! Two Twins, ffs. How many can you get?? That’s pushing it, even for the freaky depths of Devon.

    Funny tho – I was actually talking myself OUT of THY and going to go for KINGS… But I’m going to go for my original thought and with you lot. So I can blame you when I don’t get in. KIDDING!

    Thanks peeps! Much lurve back atcha x

  4. I was going to say ‘Thy Will Be Done’, but it seems that several others have beaten me to it and the suggestion is now almost a cliche.

    Good luck anyway.

  5. From a viewer standpoint, I would want to watch a show like Kings of the Castle. Sounds very, very good.

    Maybe crowded with quadruplets running around (hehe) . . . .

  6. OSM – is this some kind of innuendo I’m not getting again?!

    PDiddy – defo, so going with THY. To hell with the consequences! If I can ever get the bastard to load up. Fifth attempt now!

  7. I go for the comedy vote; don’t send any of them, just photocopy your breasts and send that.

    Sorry, you wanted a sensible answer: Thy Will Be Done.

  8. uhhh, I was using quadruplets to make a “Two Twins” joke. Maybe I should put the quotes around “joke.”

    Although I’m not sure if quadruplets means four or six. It might even mean “someone who does not have the use of his arms and legs.”

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