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Round Up

Right, two things in one since I have several beers with my name on. And a couple of eggs left over from Easter (I know! Where HAS this sudden self control come from?! They will be devoured tonight, don’t you worry my little chickadees).

BSSC short went off in the post, but pretty sure it hasn’t a hope in hell. Why? Because I have been deliberately OUT THERE with my premise – think ADAPTATION meets EDTV in ten minutes and you’re probably there. In retrospect, perhaps I should have written the more standard fare of some bird recalling a traumatic event and then topping herself. I read a lot of shorts by my peers like that when I was at uni. Niiiiiice. No really, it’s a love-it or hate-it script. I’m pleased to say a large amount of my Readers loved it, but all bar one had the same reservation that it was “too clever”. Time will tell. And if not I’m sure I can find someone on my blackmail list to make it for me anyway so I can stick the little git up on YouTube *evil laugh*.

My Writers’ Academy application has gone off. Managed to get my writing sample uploaded but for some reason my proof of professional commission just wouldn’t load, so after 17 tries at various different times of the day I gave up and printed the bastard out and sent it via snail mail. Then was struck with fear all over again. Was it the right writing sample! What if I don’t get in?! What if I DO get in!! OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!! Well, too late now. Sigh.

Secondly, the lovely Lara tagged me with a meme about my 5 goals and since I can’t NOT respond and go against the blogging code, here goes:

1. Get in to the Writers’ Academy
2. Win the BSSC
3. Win Bluecat
4. Win Scriptapolooza
5. Get in to the Writers’ Academy

I’m sure you can see a theme there, but I just can’t put my finger on it…

I tag all the boys:

James Moran
David Bishop
Danny Stack
Good Dog
One Slack Martian

Get that, suckers! ; )

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6 thoughts on “Round Up”

  1. I got tagged on this one by Mark over a week ago but I’ve been sick as a freaking dog all week – hence no blogging and only a few comments liberally sprinkled about.

    So you’ve gotta pick another in my place.

  2. good dog is a sick dog? sorry to hear that.

    i tag thee, dom. now back to the “boys” list.

    b2w, sceenwriting only made one of my goals. is that satisfactory? or must i focus?

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