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Top 5 Ways To Build Your Writer Platform In 2023

How To Build Your Writer Platform Chances are you have been told you need a writer platform. It’s seen as common sense: in the online age, writers are expected to do at least SOME marketing themselves. Having a writer platform of your own then is an obvious advantage. But I’m seeing discussion online about social media and how ONLY ‘privileged’ writers – such as those who were TV celebs first – can build a large and engaged online platform. Hell to the no! You CAN build a platform for your writing. Here’s how … Ready? Then let’s go! 1) Be authentic… Read More »Top 5 Ways To Build Your Writer Platform In 2023

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What Are YOUR Writing Influences? Here’s 14 Of Mine

All About Influences We are not creating stories in a vacuum, so we all have writing influences. I also often say writers need to research ‘what’s gone before’ when it comes to … concept genre conventions character tropes plotting archetypes tones styles storyworlds Since B2W needs to practice what it preaches, I sit down at the beginning of EVERY project and do this too. The Coven Is Out Now Since The Coven is released NOW, I thought I would share 14 books, TV shows and movies that influenced me as I was writing. Some of these influences may be a… Read More »What Are YOUR Writing Influences? Here’s 14 Of Mine

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5 Lessons From 50 Movie Reviews In 50 Days

All About Reviews Movie reviews: you can’t move for them online. So why on earth would I write fifty of the damn things? That’s right! FIFTY! It all started when I lost any motivation to write. I fell into a downward spiral of “I’m not a good writer… I wasn’t meant to write… it’s not for me… I’ll NEVER succeed in this industry”… I guess many of you have gone down that road, too. But how do we get out of those non-supportive thoughts?? We take ACTION. For me, I decided it was time to see how others did what… Read More »5 Lessons From 50 Movie Reviews In 50 Days

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How Your Concept Can Kill Your Writing DEAD

What’s The Concept? Concept, premise, controlling idea, seed of the story … Whatever you want to call it, you need that THING at foundation level in your story to be clear and compelling, otherwise your story is SUNK. Put simply, if you don’t have a great concept at the foundation of your screenplay or novel? YOU GOT NUTHIN’! Supersadface. It can’t be true … can it?? How Concepts Kill Spec Scripts & Unpublished Novels YES! It is true. The short version: if your concept STINKS? Your pitch won’t work. You will never get off the starter blocks – no one will like… Read More »How Your Concept Can Kill Your Writing DEAD

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Top 5 Mistakes Indie Authors Make

As an author of over 150 non-fiction books, it is safe to say I have made my fair share of mistakes over the years. However, in my opinion, making mistakes as an indie author will only serve to make you a better writer and publisher. In this article, I will share with you the top 5 mistakes indie authors make. Read and digest each tip carefully to maximise your writing and publishing efforts. Ready? Let’s go … 1) A poor book cover design I have seen many authors spend months (sometimes years) writing their masterpiece, only to fall at the… Read More »Top 5 Mistakes Indie Authors Make

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My Simple Writing Breakthrough That Kicked It All Off

Let me tell you something Sometimes writers say to me, ‘Yeah, but you’re Bang2write. It’s EASIER for you.’ I’m not gonna lie. I love what I do. I love writing, but I also I love that writers and filmmakers trust me with their own work. I love my platform and all the brilliant writers within it. I like that when I talk, people will listen. Who wouldn’t? BUT it was not ‘easier’ for me. All writers have to start somewhere. Back in the day, I wasn’t B2W. This blog didn’t exist. No one knew me. I had no money. I’d written… Read More »My Simple Writing Breakthrough That Kicked It All Off

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