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My Simple Writing Breakthrough That Kicked It All Off

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Let me tell you something

Sometimes writers say to me, ‘Yeah, but you’re Bang2write. It’s EASIER for you.’

I’m not gonna lie. I love what I do. I love writing, but I also I love that writers and filmmakers trust me with their own work. I love my platform and all the brilliant writers within it. I like that when I talk, people will listen. Who wouldn’t?

BUT it was not ‘easier’ for me. All writers have to start somewhere. Back in the day, I wasn’t B2W. This blog didn’t exist. No one knew me. I had no money. I’d written nothing of ‘worth’ (whatever that means). Put bluntly, I was a single Mum, living in the arse-end of nowhere, where there were literally more sheep than people. Odds were against me getting noticed.

But I did …

… And you can too!

It comes down to this – Decide what you want to do. And then do it.

‘WTAF?’ I hear you say … ‘She’s talking crap. I’ve been TRYING to do this writing lark for X amount of years and got feck all for my trouble!’

Look, I get it. It can be annoying as all hell when someone comes along and says words to the effect of, ‘Change your mindset and get it done!’ I remember hearing the same and wanting to nuke the writer in question from orbit, just to be sure he didn’t say something so stupid again.

But then I got thinking …

If you DON’T want to blast me right now, you should know I explain more, in this video interview I did with Inside The Writer’s Bubble. In it, I explain the simple breakthrough I had with my writing … and where it lead me! What’s more, you can do the same. Honest guv!

Sophie Gardiner is the lady behind Inside The Writer’s Bubble – Sophie took my script reading course just a year ago. She’s already made significant strides in establishing herself in hher new career as a script reader! I’m so delighted to be part of her journey and see her optimism and enthusiasm as she grabs her opportunities with both hands, as well create her new platform online too. She is going places, so watch out for her!

Sophie’s done a fab job of these interviews, so do give them both a watch and go say hello to her on Youtube, Facebook and beyond!

Part 1

Part 2

Good luck!

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