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9 Top Tips To Build Your Following As A Writer

  • March 23, 2022

How to Build Social Media Profile as a Writer In 2022, an online following is a MUST for any writer. Being a writer is so much ‘more’ than writing! We need to show up if we want to get ahead and make money from our projects. Many writers do this online via self-publishing, using sites like SubStack or Patreon or creating online products like courses or real-life events like workshops. Luckily, in the era of social media, building an online following is really not that difficult. Let’s read on to learn a few tips … ready? Let’s go! 1) Build… Read More »9 Top Tips To Build Your Following As A Writer

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How To Make Great Contacts Online

  • December 27, 2021May 21, 2022

This Industry Is About Relationships Whether you’re a screenwriter or author, you’re going to need great contacts. That’s the bad news. The good news? It’s easier than ever now, because you can make those contacts ONLINE! Writers ask me all the time **how** to make contacts online. Unfortunately, it’s one of those ‘pieces of string’ questions. People are individuals, which means they will have individual preferences. That said, I’ve pulled together some ‘best practices’ below for you. First up though, it’s probably easier to focus on what NOT to do. Sadly, there are still multiple ways of screwing up when you’re… Read More »How To Make Great Contacts Online

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Your Antagonist DOESN’T Have To Be A Villain. Here’s Why

All About The Villain Most writers ‘get’ the villain archetype intuitively. At their foundation, stories are often about ‘goodies and baddies’. Just like every story needs a protagonist, it usually needs an antagonist of some kind … … and that antagonist is nearly always a villain. A villain may have relatable and understandable motivations for their ‘evil plan’. We may invest in their journey every bit as much as the protagonist’s … Alternatively, they may just be evil because that’s their personality. They may be criminals, politicians, narcissists, abusers, serial killers, actual monsters … it doesn’t matter. The villain role… Read More »Your Antagonist DOESN’T Have To Be A Villain. Here’s Why

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How Not to Be Afraid of Criticism As A Writer

  • July 28, 2021

Criticism And Writers Criticism can scare writers. Every human has an inherent fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. Yet, this is exactly what every person needs to do in order to grow. This why you need to overcome your fear of criticism and start taking risks as a writer. Here’s my top tips on dealing with criticism. Let’s go! 1)   Acknowledge Impactful Work is Bound to Attract Admiration *and* Criticism Understanding that criticism is recognition for your work enables you to control how you handle feedback. You will no longer beat yourself up when people comment negatively about… Read More »How Not to Be Afraid of Criticism As A Writer

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Why Should Writers Work With A Sensitivity Reader?

About Alex Creswick  Alex Creswick is a sensitivity reader and producer who specialises in diverse storytelling and project development. Previously the VP at Paradox Studios, she oversaw the company’s slate of TV and Film projects. Alex has produced numerous short films and is currently in post-production on her first indie feature The Blackout. This is written and directed by Daniela De Carlo and starring an incredible, diverse cast of up-and-coming talent. In other words, Alex really knows what she’s talking about!  I thought I’d have a chat with her about sensitivity reading and how this can help us write our own… Read More »Why Should Writers Work With A Sensitivity Reader?

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Yes, Male Writers CAN Write Fantastic Female Characters

  • September 27, 2020October 26, 2021

Not ALL Male Writers It’s true, male writers can get a bum rap when writing about female characters. As the headline of this article suggests, OF COURSE male writers can write great female characters. In fact, some of my all-time favourites have literally been written by male writers!!! From my time as a script reader, I’d venture there’s no correlation between gender and talent of writers. This obviously means there will be GREAT writers who happen to be female … But it ALSO means a female writer will not automatically write a great female character too. No one knows where talent comes… Read More »Yes, Male Writers CAN Write Fantastic Female Characters

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Failed

All About Ebook Marketing You had high hopes for your eBook, but it failed to deliver the results you wanted. So, what happened? Why did your eBook fail? Here are a few probable reasons for your eBook not getting the reception it should have, plus what you can do about it … 1)   Poor Promotion = Failed eBook Your eBook failed because you didn’t promote it the right way. You didn’t generate any leads with your eBook because your promotional campaign fell short of being successful. To promote your eBook, you need to rely on both online and offline marketing tactics.  You need… Read More »Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Failed

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10 Quick Tips To Write Better Disabled Characters

  • July 20, 2020July 20, 2020

1) The character’s disability does NOT have to drive the plot Almost in every film with a disabled character, disability drives their story as a ‘problem’. In order to express the concept of “disability as a burden” visually, there is at least one scene where the disabled character struggles to do some mundane activity such as opening the fridge, brushing teeth or getting dressed. Physically disabled characters are often depicted as hating their body. If you do not know any disabled people, you should consult with some. You will probably find out their internal conflicts have nothing to do with… Read More »10 Quick Tips To Write Better Disabled Characters

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B2W FAQs – How To Improve Your Self Belief

  • July 8, 2020July 20, 2020

Is Self Belief A Problem For You?  If your self belief has taken a hit as a writer, rest assured LOTS of Bang2writers before you have felt similarly! Check out this edition of the B2W FAQS for answers on how to improve your self belief. Don’t forget to give the main FAQs page a bookmark – find it HERE. Good luck out there!  How do I advance as a writer?? It seems overwhelming and I’m scared. We are all scared … that’s the bad news. It’s also the good news, it keeps you fresh! So you might as well quit… Read More »B2W FAQs – How To Improve Your Self Belief

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3 Toxic Myths About Writing You Probably Believe

All About Toxic Myths Lots of writers believe in toxic myths about writing. They will often call it ‘realism’, but fact is – these myths are destroying their chances of advancing their careers. True story! Here’s 3 of the worst and what you should do instead … Pass it on! ‘It’s Too Late’ Every single week of every single year since forever writers have emailed or talked with me, worrying ‘it’s too late’. This might be because they think they are ‘too old’ to even become a writer, or maybe they think it’s ‘too late’ to change genres, make a… Read More »3 Toxic Myths About Writing You Probably Believe

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